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About Kabuto - Edomae Sushi



The sushi is prepared traditionally in the Tokyo area, originating as street food, nearly 200 years ago. Utilizing the fresh catch from the local Tokyo Bay. Small pieces of raw or marinated fish are applied to bite-size pieces of vinegar rice known as nigiri sushi. 

Quickly prepared and quickly consumed an ideal roadside bite. As the preparation became popular and evolved the setting soon became more formal and ritualized. 

Expect good value in this place, their elegant omakase menus served at an eight-seat Hinoki-tree counter. Subtle, nuanced flavors lead in the likes of black snapper, jack mackerel deep-sea porgy nigiri, and sashimi straight from the Bay of Toyko. Artisan shoyu and a strong saké list follow suit. 

Classy, contemporary pick serving Edomae-style sushi from seafood pieces selected by the chef.

This trendy, modern restaurant serves Edomae-style Sushi made from fresh seafood. It originated as street food in Tokyo nearly 200 years ago. Using fresh fish caught in the Tokyo Bay. You can make nigiri sushi by using small pieces of marinated or raw sh. It is quick and easy to prepare, making it a great roadside snack.

The setting became formalized and more ritualized as the popularity of the recipe grew. This result is one of the best chef-guest experiences in the modern world. To be enjoyed by the guest only moments after it was prepared. You will enjoy the sushi master's warmth and energy combined with the best Shari and Neta, creating a perfect bite.

Book your reservation with RESY by calling Resy or phone. Reservations can be made up to one month ahead. For parties with 5 or more, a three-day notice must be given. Calls to group reservations are allowed between 3:00 and 5:00 PM.

Reservations by voicemail or email are not accepted. Kabuto will not take orders for restaurant buyouts. There are currently two options for seating: 5-30pm or 7-30pm. The Kabuto experience lasts approximately two hours.

It features the best raw fish, expertly prepared and served to your delight. Our patrons love raw fish and will not accept substitutions.
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Hours of operation

5:30PM - 9PM
5:30PM - 9PM
5:30PM - 9PM
5:30PM - 9PM
5:30PM - 9PM
5:30PM - 9PM
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on Wed Mar 08 2023
on Tue Feb 28 2023
Poor organization, low quality ingredients and sloppy techniques are all signs of poor quality. The lack of quality and care in the food is not reduced by adding quantity. For the kitchen: Don't stare at people who are eating at the bar, but try to make it seem like you are actually making fresh food.
on Sat Feb 25 2023
DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY HERE We made the mistake of leaving our hotel and leaving the strip to do the omakase menu here because of the amazing reviews So I feel that needs to be corrected First ServiceAdmittedly we arrived a few minutes late due to rain and called ahead to let the restaurant know which the host thanked us for However ... see more
on Sat Feb 25 2023
on Tue Feb 21 2023
It was the most delicious sushi we have ever tried. We had the sake pairings with the omakase. The dining experience felt too fast, which made it less enjoyable.
on Sat Feb 18 2023
Door was inexplicably locked even though the place was clearly open and servers ignored knocking A sign or something would have been nice to explain what was up
on Thu Feb 16 2023
Very nice interior. The staff was friendly. Although the outside skirt steak cost a little more than the rest, the quality and presentation made it worth the money.
on Sat Feb 11 2023
My boyfriend tried to take me here for my birthday but wasn t able to get a last minute reservation He randomly booked a reservation a few weeks after because he wanted to take me here after hearing about how good it was from his friend When we got there we were seated at the table and not the bar Apparently there are specific time slots for bar... see more
on Sat Feb 11 2023
Wow We had such a great experience here at Kabuto The service was incredible and the Omakase was SO good We opted for the sake pairing and enjoyed it so much For the 175 option you start with a beautiful assorted appetizer and then onto the warm dish sashimi grilled dish nigiri hand roll soup and then top it off with the dessert tri... see more
on Fri Feb 10 2023
Great sushi
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