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About Mouse's Tank

Mouse's Tank is named for two potholes used by a Southern Paiute Indian renegade ("Little Mouse") who hid out in the area in the 1890s after being indicted for killing two prosecutors and the other crimes in the area. He was eventually found and killed while trying to escape his pursuers.

It is a natural water catchment made of sandstone that holds water eve's during dry periods. It is best viewed early morning or just before sunset. However, the colors were beautiful no matter what time of the day.

Located in the Valley of Fire in the Moapa Valley area of Southern Nevada. The park's official trail is 0.6 miles (one way).








The red sandstone formation of Valley of Fire State Park creates a natural waterbasin after the rains. Nevada State Parks Administrator Bob Mergell. I wish you a pleasant visit to any of the parks. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach me, or any of the park employees, because we truly care about making your experience memorable. Bob Mergell Administrator
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on Mon Feb 27 2023
on Thu Dec 15 2022
Enjoy the scenic drive, and the hike. Don't forget the water tank at the end.
on Sun Dec 11 2022
Incredible Quick Trip from Vegas and a Short Walk to See Amazing Views and Experience Educational Information
on Thu Dec 08 2022
This trail is for those who are older or don't wish to hike long distances. It has a few petroglyphs and water at the end.
on Tue Oct 04 2022
The hike takes about 1 hour from the Strip and offers amazing photo opportunities.
on Wed Sep 21 2022
Las Vegas is only 30-40 minutes away. Make sure you bring plenty of water. The visitor center has a lot of information. There are also snacks and beverages available in the gift shop.
on Mon Sep 05 2022
This is the coolest spot in the park. There are many petroglyphs all along the trail
on Fri Aug 12 2022
A short but lovely trail through Valley of Fire. Make sure to have lots of water.
on Tue Jul 12 2022
It is an easy hike that is rewarding. The trail is made up of a lot fine sand, so you should bring your hiking boots. There were many bighorn sheep on the trail. I took some amazing pictures. You can see the history and importance of this place.
on Wed May 11 2022
It's a short hike with a great view. A bit further is the hades arch, diablos staircase (aka The Staircase of Hell).
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