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Las Vegas outdoor attractions and activities

Las Vegas Outdoors

The 10 Best Outdoor Activities To Do in Las Vegas

Thinking of visiting Las Vegas but don’t know what to do? There are a lot of things you can do in and out of the Sin City. You can enjoy some games at the casino, and you can also enjoy some wonderful entertainment options. However, many people that visit Las Vegas always want to experience the city. They want to explore the greater side of Las Vegas. Fortunately for visitors, there are many activities, which will allow them to truly experience this location because the landscape of Las Vegas is breathtaking.

We have also helped compiled 10 of the best outdoor spots in Las Vegas.

1. Jump off the Stratosphere Tower

This three-legged Stratosphere Tower soars 350m above the Strip and is the tallest structure of its kind in the whole of western USA. When you make it to the top of this tower, you will walk yourself out along an aerial platform. Then all you have to do is to free-fall of over 100 stories back down to the ground.

2. Kayaking and Suping

Las Vegas is also close to the mighty Colorado River and Lake Mead even though it might be located smack dap in the middle of the desert, this means that you can enjoy water sports, like kayaking and stand up paddleboarding.

3. Hiking the Valley of Fire

This valley comprises of bizarre rock formations with memorable names like the Mouse's Tank, Arch Rock, and the White Domes scattered across the desert landscape. This best time to hike this place is early morning and late afternoon.

4. Red Rock Canyon

The Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area is only 20 miles from downtown Las Vegas, and it stretches over 200,000 acres of multicolored sandstone and limestone, canyons, mountains, washes and waterfalls. No matter when you plan to visit the Red Rock Canyon offers up the natural scenic beauty and is worth the visit.

5. Mount Charleston

Visit the Charleston if you want some fresh air coupled with fantastic views and majestic mountain scenery and wildlife. It is only 35 miles from Vegas and is at an elevation of 11,918 feet, which is the third highest peak in Nevada.

6. Las Vegas Ski and Snowboard Resort

Many people think because the sin city is located in a desert, there is no skiing and snowboarding destination, but there is a particular resort located just a short distance outside of the city that allows visitors to enjoy their favorite winter sports.

7. Riding a helicopter to the Grand Canyon

What better way to view this location from the air? A helicopter is also the fastest way to get to the canyon from Las Vegas, so get a helicopter and marvel at the sheer cliffs carved over the millennia by the erosive powers of nothing more than water.

8. Visit Desert National Wildlife Refuge complex

This wildlife refuge is located about 20 miles northwest of downtown Las Vegas and it stretches over 1.6 million acres. Its mountainous desert landscape is just beautiful, and there are several places to hike and watch wildlife.

9. Golfing at Angel Park

Las Vegas is good at keeping golfers busy all year round. It has 36 holes designed by pro legend Arnold Palmer, making it the coolest option during the dog days of summer.

10. Zip-lining in Bootleg Canyon

Downtown Las Vegas has its short zip-line on the Fremont Street Experience. Take a short hike to the top, and then take off at up to 50-mph downhill on a series of zip-lines.