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About Adventure Combat Ops - Zombie Apocalypse Las Vegas

Adventure Combat Ops is the place for adrenaline junkies, gamers and thrill-seekers. Adventure Combat Ops is an action-packed, live attraction that lasts 1.5 hours. The indoor "Call of Duty" facility, which measures 40,000 square feet, fully immerses you in an alternate world of sights and sounds, smells, and other amazing special effects.

Las Vegas' #1 Interactive Adrenaline Rush It's the best thing to do when you visit Vegas. You can also find us specializing on bachelor and bachelorette parties, corporate team building, and leadership challenges. This simulation is realistic and apocalyptic. You will work with real Special Ops, and then you'll be immersed into an apocalyptic tactical video game setting. Is it real or a simulation? Is it real or virtual? You decide! Adventure Combat Ops Team leaders are real Army Rangers, Navy SEALs, Green Berets, and Delta Force Operators. These combat heroes will instruct you and then put you to the test in an incredible show where your star status is on display. You will be fighting terrorists and zombies in a new world. This live-action, 90-minute show is an immersive sensory attraction that stimulates all your senses. History Established in 2015. Our group is made up of ex-special operations personnel who have more than two centuries of combined Special Operations experience. We have been training federal officials for six years in setting up mission profiles across the country. We have now taken this experience and made it more fun for you so you can enjoy the most realistic, apocalyptic combat simulation in the entire world.

Ex-military personnel train guests to use Airsoft guns within a video-game setting.
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Hours of operation

9AM - 9PM
9AM - 9PM
9AM - 9PM
9AM - 9PM
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on Mon Jan 10 2022
I'll definitely come back here!
on Tue Jul 13 2021
Great and fun experience! I recommend everyone who visits Las Vegas to try this adrenaline rushing experience!
on Sat Feb 29 2020
This is a MUST do when you come to Vegas. The staff are so welcoming, friendly and are fun to be around. This experience is unlike any other and you will want more! I cannot recommend this enough, I just can't wait until we come back to Vegas to do it again. Definitely one of my favourites about Vegas. Also if you're awful at the whole apocalypse t... see more
on Thu Feb 27 2020
Such an incredible adventure! My husband took me here for our anniversary and we had the best time! It starts right away immersing you as recruits who are desperately needed to rid the world of Zombies! It has a great "LETS GO LETS GO LETS GO!" pace to keep it exciting but still spends a great deal explaining all precautions so you know you're safe... see more
on Mon Feb 10 2020
Very fun ,adrenaline rushing experience. Would definitely recommend this ,we had a blast. Our 15 year old daughter was very scared but by the end she loved it. Thank you Apocalypse Vegas for a great experience.
on Sun Feb 09 2020
A MUST GO TO while in Vegas! It was like live action call of duty with zombies coming at you. They have a mini city that they built inside of a warehouse!! It was super awesome
on Mon Jan 20 2020
Fantastic, unique experience. Our group had 3 couples in it and everyone had a blast. The instructor team did a great job of quickly handling logistics, doing a safety brief, and making the whole thing both professional and fun. I know it seems a little pricey, but it's one of those experiences which is well worth it. You won't find anything like t... see more
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