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About Speedvegas

SPEEDVEGAS (formerly World Class Driving) was established in 2006 and is known as America's original exotic car experience. They operate tours in 45 cities around the United States, Canada, Europe and are now based permanently in Las Vegas. With track racing experiences, road tours, and Escape packages around the continent, it has become the world's premier supercar playground.

It is one of the exciting places that will fulfill your dream with Exotic Racing and allow you to choose based on your desired satisfaction for speed. At an affordable price, choose from various supercars and drive through their safe race track.

Ride along with experience professional drift racers and show you all the chops, skills, and techniques needed to execute high-speed drifts in every corner. You can also experience driving with safe go-karts that allow ages 14 and up with minimum height of 140 cm.

And if you like to surprise your loved ones, you can avail one of the gift certificates thru their website. Exotic racing and Vegas off-road works from 9 am to 5 pm and Vegas super go-karts works from 10 am to 4 pm seven days a week.


The moment you arrive at SPEEDVEGAS, you'll know you've never experienced anything like it. SPEEDVEGAS brings your driving fantasies to life on the longest and fastest racetrack in Las Vegas. And that's just the beginning.

Rally cars, monster trucks and off-road adventures are all available at this race track. DO I NEED A HELMET? Yes. Every driver and rider must have a helmet while on the track and in their car. All participants receive helmets free of charge at Vegas Supercars. Can I bring my family and friends? Yes.

You can take pictures and videos from the secure viewing area. While children are allowed to attend, we don't recommend that they be under 24 months old. Our facilities do not allow pets. Only service animals are allowed.

My guest can ride in my car with me. Only the driver and the instructor are allowed to. Guests are welcome to join the participants on their discovery laps. Additional persons will be charged 20.

What if I want to use my camera? We do not permit any camera or other video equipment inside our cars. This is because of our insurance policy. You can purchase an onboard video recording of your driving experience before you drive. What time should I allow for my entire experience? Plan to spend at least 2 hours.

If you drive for longer than 15 laps, plan for half an hour. You may have the option to upgrade your experience by changing which vehicle you are driving or adding additional vehicles. Additional laps can be purchased, as well as add-ons like a video or a Drifting Ride Along Experience in Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat. You can book combos if you want to drive multiple cars.

The combo packages are only for one person and cannot be shared with other drivers. Combination packages allow you to contrast the power and handling characteristics of these supercars. Yes, you can purchase food and beverages on-track. You can purchase snacks and drinks.

Our track facilities do not allow alcohol. It rains. All of our cars have the right security system and tires for driving under any conditions. We can also reschedule your visit at any track if the weather is not favorable.

HOW DO I CONTACT US? Can my drone film at your track? All footage must have been approved by our communications staff before it can be filmed. Is it possible to split multiple packages? No. All packages, including multiple cars packages, are for one driver only. HOW TO BUY GIFT CERTIFICATE? You can buy a gift certificate online at

You can also purchase your gift certificate over the telephone by calling 702 802-5651 Mon-Fri, 8AM to 7PM Sat, 8AM-7PM Sun, 8AM-6PM. WHAT CAN I PAY? Credit cards Visa, MasterCard and Discover are all accepted. 2. Only after payment has been received in full, the check order is confirmed. You can pay two payments at once.

Your order will then be confirmed after the second check has cleared. 3. Only cash payments are accepted on the track. If the payment is not received in full, however, availability cannot be guaranteed. You cannot pay the entire reservation in instalments.

Can I pay today and book a date later? Yes. You can buy a gift certificate that is good for one year. You or your recipient can either book a driving adventure on our website, or call 702 802-5651 to make a booking. You can buy a gift certificate that is good for one year and then be redeemed.

You or your recipient can either book a driving adventure on our website, or call 702 802-5651 to make a booking. I NEED A PRESENT TODAY CAN I BOOK A DRIVING EXPERIENCE FOR SOMEONE LAST MINUTE Yes, depending on availability. A Gift Certificate can be purchased and printed immediately. It is possible to add your own message before it prints.

Can I change my gift certificate recipient? Yes. You are able to transfer it to any recipient you choose. We will need to know the name and contact information of the new recipient in order to update your reservation. It does not affect the expiration date for gift certificates.

Can I modify the Experience that I've selected? Yes. It depends on what is available. You will need to cover the difference in price before you can make a reservation change. WHAT IS THE BEST WAY TO BOOK A DATE? We currently offer more than 260 dates per year, with different session times each track day.

Select a date by browsing our schedule. Contact our customer service team at 702 802 5651 if you have any questions or would like to make a booking with someone in person. We may open an additional date for large groups exceeding 10 persons. Contact a Group Sales Representative on 702 802-5651 if you are interested in a group event.

WHAT DAYS DO I HAVE TO RESERVE? Depending on what period you choose, your waiting time could be as short as one day or longer. We strongly advise that you make your booking as soon as possible. Book your experience as soon as possible if you hold a gift certificate. For last-minute reservations, please call 702 802-5651 to speak with one of our customer service agents.

Help me, I didn't receive my confirmation letter. Please check your spam folder to make sure it wasn't missed. We can help you access your account by calling us at 702 802 5651. A reminder email should be sent to you with your order details prior to the event.

MY GIFT CODE HAS EXPIRED. WHAT DO I DO? Gift certificates are not refundable once they have been used. To schedule an experience, please contact our customer service representative at 702 802 5651. Are my reservations refundable? Can I change or modify my schedule? The experience can be used up to five years after purchase.

Track buyouts, Mini Grand Prix and Grand Prix experiences are subject to rescheduling fees. What can I do if I am unable to attend my experience? Please call our customer service representative at 702 802 5651 immediately to schedule a reschedule or leave your experience undated until a later date. Are there any weight and height restrictions? We want our customers to know that exotic cars have smaller interior spaces than most cars. Porsches, Audi R8, Nissan GT-R and Ferrari are some of the most spacious cars.

We will gladly accommodate you as long as the exotic is comfortable. Our staff will be happy to help you choose another exotic if you are uncomfortable in the one you have reserved. It is possible to get it, but availability will vary. Insurance is included? Yes.

You and your guest will need to sign a waiver of liability when you get on the track. HOW OLD MUST YOU BE TO PARTICIPATE? You need to be at least 18 years old and possess a driver's license. To participate in Drifting Ride-Along or High-Speed Ride Along and Discovery Laps, you must be at least 11 years old, weigh no less than 80 lbs, and have a height of 4ft9in. An international driver's license is acceptable.

Valid drivers' licenses issued by government agencies are acceptable. Are you required to be able to drive a manual transmission? No. All of our vehicles are fitted with paddle shifters. There is no manual clutch that you need to use, so don't worry about not knowing how to drive a manual transmission.

Our supercars can be operated by anyone. NO DEPOSIT REQUIRED. A deposit will not be required to reserve your VEGAS SUPERCARS driving experience. However, the full payment must be made before the event.

Are there any prerequisites for my driving experience? Absolutely not. No matter your level of racing experience, you can drive one of our cars. You can choose from 5, 10, 30 or more laps. Relax, enjoy the ride, and have fun.

Can I drive by myself as a professional racing car driver? No. However, we will ensure that our driving instructors know this so they can give you greater freedom on the track. 1. 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM SUPERCARS
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on Sun Mar 12 2023
Rad! It was great! Hunter was amazing!
on Sat Mar 11 2023
It was an amazing experience. Tao was extremely friendly and knew how to teach and cue. It was a great experience. GT3 RS was a great choice for me.
on Fri Mar 10 2023
Excellent staff. It's fun with instructors. You will never forget your experience with your car!
on Wed Mar 08 2023
It was an amazing experience to drive exotic cars. After taking a short but comprehensive training class, I was fit for a helmet before I walked to my chosen car (Lamborghini Gallardo). Kareem, my instructor was very knowledgeable and precise in his instructions. He was also a great person to have around. Anyone who loves cars would love this place... see more
on Wed Mar 08 2023
Incredible experience!
on Mon Mar 06 2023
They need to state that they have no experience off-road and the instructor has both pedals as well as a steering wheel. It is very dangerous to be aggressively pulled on the steering wheel by an instructor when you are driving. It's not worth it. It was a complete joke.
on Sun Feb 26 2023
The experience I had here was amazing! My instructor Mike was awesome and made the experience even better! The staff I encountered all had smiles on their faces, were very courteous and just all around great! Will definitely be back!
on Sat Feb 25 2023
) All great until you re on the track. That s where they start this no this I couldn t even accelerate without load 4500 rpm after paying 500 bucks they make you go through the changes on track at 2000 rpm before the cut disappointed (
on Tue Feb 21 2023
A little disappointed with this experience. Paid for 8 laps but you technically only get 7 because of where the entry point and the exit point of the track are situated. Your coach matters too. My coach had me on the brakes the whole time, 40km hr on the final corner, while my wife s coach was encouraging her to floor it! . Location and the video ... see more
on Tue Feb 21 2023
From the moment we got there, it always felt like we were being sold something. The intro was literally a video commercial, but then again that s their business. My instructor was tired of doing rides and it showed. He lacked energy and it really hampered the experience. It was also a very busy Saturday, so there was a lot of traffic on course. The... see more
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