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About Absinthe Las Vegas

Recently named by Las Vegas Weekly as “The #1 Greatest Show in Las Vegas History”, Absinthe is the provocative but unforgettable variety show which delivers that ‘only in Vegas’ experience you came looking for. Absinthe at Caesars Palace is a fantastical blend of carnival and spectacle, featuring wild, outlandish acts performed on an intimate, circular stage where the audience is as close to the action as you can possibly get. Grab a drink and enter Spiegelworld’s wondrous tent, an immersive adult playground which transports you to another dimension. Not for the faint-hearted, these ridiculously talented and sexy performers from across the globe mix outrageous comedy with jaw-dropping feats of virtuosity and danger. Hosted by the filthy rich (and just plain filthy) Gazillionaire, and inspired by the absinthe-drenched cabarets of late 19th century Europe, Absinthe is an intoxicating cocktail of circus, burlesque and vaudeville for a 21st century audience. The New York Times said “Imagine Cirque du Soleil as channeled through "The Rocky Horror Picture Show.” Though this racy, adults-only show is downright hilarious, it’s definitely not for timid audiences. It has all the elements of an R-rated movie, but with more glam and laughs.

Absinthe is a live show that premiered in 2006 and is playing on the forecourt of Caesars Palace, Las Vegas, after opening on April 1, 2011.

Spiegelworld is a world-renowned live entertainment company that creates innovative, challenging, and award-winning entertainment. We have a variety of events, including resident productions, as well as interactive parties with some of the most gifted artists in the world. We create worlds that are immersive and intricately detailed, and can be explored infinitely. We are driven by stories and escapist energy, which energizes our Las Vegas ventures Absinthe in Caesars Palace, Atomic Saloon Show At The Venetian Resort, as well as other experimental projects.
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Hours of operation

8PM - 9:15PM
10PM - 11:15PM
8PM - 9:15PM
10PM - 11:15PM
8PM - 9:15PM
10PM - 11:15PM
8PM - 9:15PM
10PM - 11:15PM
7PM - 8:15PM
9PM - 10:15PM
11PM - 12:15AM
7PM - 8:15PM
9PM - 10:15PM
11PM - 12:15AM
8PM - 9:15PM
10PM - 11:15PM
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on Sat Mar 11 2023
Vegas is Vegas. If you don't have tickets to see it, then I would gladly trade my helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon for two of these tickets. It was one of the most amazing live shows I have ever witnessed. It's incredible!
on Thu Mar 09 2023
We were so pleased that we bought it, even though it was quite expensive. It was amazing. It was also very affordable. The closest seat is about 25 feet from the stage. It was great seating, no matter what position you were in. While you are waiting for the show's start, take some time to look at all the amazing stuff around you.
on Wed Mar 08 2023
It was funny, and the host kept it moving throughout the show.
on Tue Mar 07 2023
on Mon Mar 06 2023
It was very entertaining. You don't even know what you will see!
on Sat Mar 04 2023
It was amazing! The atmosphere and the audience loved it!
on Fri Mar 03 2023
Do not let the price of your ticket discourage you from attending ..... You re likely to spend as much on one-person breakfasts anyway. It is small and accessible easily. It is easy to find the nearest strip hotels without having to navigate through the casino. If you are able to sit on folding or bleacher seats, then your butt should be fine. It i... see more
on Sun Feb 26 2023
Great Vegas show. A little crude, but fun. Hopefully you see Destiny!
on Fri Feb 24 2023
Probably my favorite style and favorite show on the strip. Audiences engaged in a blend of lude and acrobatic entertainment. With a tasteful amount of vulgarity. I love it and can t wait to watch it again.
on Wed Feb 22 2023
This show was hilariously inappropriate in the best possible way The show exceeded out expectations
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