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About Characters Unlimited Inc

Since 1987, Characters Unlimited Inc. has specialized in “Making your place an attraction” by designing and building affordable, life-sized, mechanically animated, and talking characters. We have hundreds of characters available for you to choose from, including animatronic people, birds, animals, dinosaurs, fortune-telling machines, sign waivers, and much more. We own the trademark for Zoltar Speaks® and are the only manufacture of the fortune teller Zoltar Speaks®, since 2006.

Olaf Stanton, the president and founder of Characters Unlimited Inc, grew up and worked during his adolescent life in the booming tourist town of Wisconsin Dells, WI. He learned how to build non-animated “dummies”, or characters, from his stepfather back in the 1970s. Surrounded by entrepreneurs his entire life, Olaf knew that he wanted to start a venture of his own. So, after graduating college, he packed up and headed West to a small town outside of Las Vegas called Boulder City, NV where he founded Characters Unlimited, Inc.

In the early years of Characters Unlimited, (way before eCommerce!) Olaf and his wife Krishun would go on selling trips with a van full of various themed characters to sell. They would stop at trading posts, gift shops, and various tourist attractions all across the West, in search of new customers. Between then and now, advancements in our products such as talking and moving movements, the introduction of new products such as the Zoltar Speaks® fortune teller, Man in Outhouse, and animated animals have grown the company into something far more than its beginnings.

Today, our team at Characters Unlimited is proud to provide customers all over the world with quality, hand-crafted, static and animated characters of all kinds. We work with companies of all sizes and budgets. Some of the companies that we are grateful to have worked with include Bass Pro Shops, Circus Circus, SLS Las Vegas, Cedar Fairs, Ripley’s Believe it or Not, Chuck E. Cheese, The Big Texan Steakhouse, and many more.

For 30 years, Characters Unlimited has specialized in creating affordable life-sized, animated, and talking characters to entertain and inform your customers. Characters Unlimited is also the only manufacturer of the Zoltar Speaks® fortune teller in the world. Custom orders are available. "We are only limited by your imagination."

Characters Unlimited Inc. is a company that specializes in making your location an attraction. Since 1987 we have been designing, building, and animating life-sized talking and mechanically animated characters. There are hundreds of characters to choose from: animatronics people, animated animals and birds, fortune-telling machines, sign waivers and many more. Since 2006, we own the Zoltar Speaks trademark and are the sole manufacturer of Zoltar Speaks fortune teller. Characters Unlimited Inc's president, Story Olaf Stanton was born in Wisconsin Dells and grew up there.

In the 1970s, he learned from his stepfather how to create non-animated characters or dummies. Olaf grew up surrounded by entrepreneurs all his life and knew he had to create his own venture. After graduating from college, he moved west to Boulder City, NV, where he established Characters Unlimited, Inc. Characters Unlimited was founded in the early days of ecommerce.

Krishun and Olaf would travel with their van filled with various characters for sale, while Krishun traveled on trips to sell them vacations. In search of customers, they would visit various tourism attractions, trading post, gift shops and other places in the West. The company has grown from its humble beginnings to include improvements in products like talking and moving movement, new products like the Zoltar Speaks fortune teller, Man in Outhouse and animated animals. Characters Unlimited prides itself on providing quality animated characters that are handcrafted and static.

Companies of any size and budget are welcome to contact us. We are thankful to have had the opportunity to work with companies such as Circus Circus, SLS Las Vegas and Cedar Fairs. Your imagination is all that's limitless. Our slogan is our trademark and we will make any effort to turn your dreams into a reality.

If you are interested in starting your project, call 702 294-0563. Contact US
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on Wed Mar 09 2022
The character statues were amazing and adorable! Some of them are realistic too that I thought they are real humans and animals. So worth it!
on Thu Feb 21 2019
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