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About The International Car Forest

Goldfield's International Car Forest of the Last Church is, in fact, the largest in the country. It is a combination of two ideas: A national forest that people could openly visit, and a not to Rippie's website called the Last Church which details religious theories that want nothing to do with organized religion.

Visitors and Nevadans alike can explore this free, one-of-a-kind gallery of over 40 cars, each has a unique masterpiece of its own, with constantly changing artwork commissioned by artists near and far.

They have officially become a non-profit in the State of Nevada as of April 1st, 2020, and they are now working towards being a 501 C-3 entity.

It is open and accessible 24/7 and admission is free.

The International Car Forest of the Last Church, located in Goldfield Nevada, is one of the state's incredible outdoor art installations worth visiting.

InternationalCarForestoftheLastChurch Get Involved We ask you to check back to find out how you can help Our Future. We are grateful to those who make beauty where others destroy it. This video was shot at Car Forest Events ArtCar Meet & Greet Network. Take a walk, or take a drive to any part of the Venue to experience Creativity Nature. From April 1, 2020, we have become an official non-profit organization in Nevada.

This seemed the best date. We have an official bank account and you can make a donation now. While we are working to become a 501-C-3 organization, please send us your ideas and gifts while we get and pay for all the Government Paperwork. Our goal is transparency and we will inform all who gather with us.

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on Sat Mar 04 2023
If you stop by this site, it's well worth your time
on Sat Feb 25 2023
Very cool place but be prepared to drive on unpaved and Ricky trail.
on Tue Feb 21 2023
Artwork! Good for picture but nothing much. Very hot
on Tue Feb 21 2023
You can find it right on the highway. It's completely free.
on Tue Feb 21 2023
This place was discovered by chance while out-roading. It looks amazing and is fun to ride or drive. I rode my Subaru Forester 2018 with mud tires, stock suspension and no issues. You can get most of the trails (or all) where there is car art in any vehicle.
on Tue Feb 21 2023
It was fun and interesting, not the way you'd expect. My wife loved it as well. I tend to be more interested in mining history so it wasn't very interesting to me.
on Sun Feb 12 2023
People who enjoy quirky and unusual places
on Sun Feb 12 2023
It is cold and windy, but it's a wonderful place
on Sun Feb 12 2023
This is a great place to visit.
on Tue Feb 07 2023
We did several day trips while in Vegas. The car forest was one of them. It was quite a drive. But it's worth it. When the gps shows you that you are lost, don't panic. It will tell you to go down a small road. It turns into dirt and rock and has lots of potholes. You can see it from the top. It was amazing. It was fun to photograph all of these sp... see more
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