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About SlotZilla Zip Line

The 35-foot-tall showgirls (actually 35 feet, 2 11/16 inch) adorning SlotZilla, one on each side, were inspired by two real-life models, the women who dressed as showgirls to accompany former Las Vegas mayor Oscar Goodman to his many public appearances. Their names are Jennifer and Porsha. That could win you a bar bet someday!

SlotZilla’s zip lines were built in collaboration with Zip-Flyer, experts in zip line engineering and installation. Check them out.

The SlotZilla Las Vegas urban zip line is unlike any other experience in Las Vegas or the world and is guaranteed to quicken your pulse and absolutely rock your world.

Slot machine–inspired thrill attraction featuring a higher, prone-position line & a lower zip line.

A slot machine-inspired thrill attraction features a higher-position, prone-position-line and a lower-zip line.. Fremont Street Experience, Las Vegas is a 5-block entertainment district located in downtown Las Vegas. Viva Vision is the largest global video screen and Fremont Street Experience's centerpiece. The Viva Vision screen measures 1,375 feet in length, is 90 feet in width and hangs 90 feet from the ground. It features 49.3M LED lights, a 600,000.watt sound system and an audio system.

Every night, Viva Vision offers free light shows. Fremont Street Experience offers a variety of entertainment and live music on three stages.
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Hours of operation

12PM - 1AM
12PM - 1AM
12PM - 1AM
12PM - 2AM
12PM - 2AM
12PM - 2AM
12PM - 2AM
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on Sun Mar 12 2023
It was a great activity. The only exception was the man who helped us get out of our harnesses at end.
on Sun Mar 12 2023
A lot of adrenaline is required
on Fri Mar 10 2023
For being more than 10 minutes late or going against the policy, you will be denied entry
on Fri Mar 10 2023
Excellent but expensive at 1 minute
on Thu Mar 09 2023
It's a pleasant place to stroll along Fremont Street. With its large screen ceiling and music, bars, food, street performances, and lots of people sharing it, you will have an amazing time. (
on Thu Mar 09 2023
Expensive. Zipline operators are rude.
on Sun Feb 26 2023
Great time zip lining
on Sat Feb 25 2023
Awesome!! Book the higher, longer Zip!!
on Sat Feb 25 2023
We went on a weekday early evening and had a blast. There was no line so that helped a lot! It was pricey for the amount of time you actually spend in the air and kinda gross to put on used harnasses but listen, you can never forget ziplining the Fremont Experience! If you found this review helpful, check out our room tours, gambling games, and... see more
on Sat Feb 25 2023
Good fun but try to do it at night time as it is a lot more fun when Freemont is completely lit up
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