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About Jessie Rae's BBQ

Jessie Rae's BBQ is known for its unique Las Vegas-style Barbeque, which focuses on bringing together electric crowds, culture, and culinary goods that coined them with "perfection,"

The Restaurant serves daily their award-winning slow-smoked ribs, pulled pork, chicken top with cheese, brisket, hot sauces on a bed of waffle fries.

Their signature sandwiches are also available on the menu, including Jessie Rae, pulled pork top with cheese, house sauces, coleslaw, and barbeque potato chips. 

They do BBQ Catering, dine-in, take-out, and sell their own-made BBQ sauce by the bottle.

Tiny, unassuming joint with a modest menu of platters, sandwiches & housemade sauces.

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Hours of operation

11AM - 7PM
11AM - 7PM
11AM - 7PM
11AM - 7PM
11AM - 8PM
11AM - 8PM
11AM - 7PM
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on Sun Mar 12 2023
It's so delicious. It's a beautiful place.
on Sun Mar 12 2023
I would give them 10 stars if possible. This is definitely a place we will be returning to every time we go to Las Vegas. Girl Power is incredible inside and outside! The Fortress is a great option for feeding 2 giants. We're enjoying leftovers. Everything tastes amazing!
on Sun Mar 12 2023
They were friendly and kind to all of us. It was delicious and generously portioned. It is somewhat cramped in the restaurant. It was a great experience.
on Sat Mar 11 2023
This bbq is amazing. It's a tiny hole in the wall.
on Fri Mar 10 2023
I travel alot!!! This is hands down the best barbecue I've ever eaten. Doordash delivered the three meat plates I requested. The tender, juicy and delicious meat in this container was bursting out of its container as soon as I opened it. I wasn't disappointed. Because there was so many meat, I could not finish it all. I am 6-4 and weigh 230lbs. I c... see more
on Fri Mar 10 2023
It was delicious and made me want to slap my mom. It was the best barbecue I've ever eaten. It was tender and delicious. The Mac n Cheese was amazing. The fries were crispy.
on Thu Mar 09 2023
Top notch barbecue. Fries, Mac and brisket are all delicious. To get insane portions, bring someone with you.
on Fri Feb 24 2023
This place is over the top with their BBQ. Hands down the best BBQ I ve ever had at any establishment. The Fortress was a work of art and beyond delicious. I m coming back here every time I travel back to Vegas. Vibe was great here and the cook even came out and talked to us about the Fortress. Love this place!!!
on Fri Feb 24 2023
I missed my Texas bbq and had to give this place a try. Really great food and huge portions.
on Thu Feb 23 2023
We were having work done on our Hyundai just a few blocks away and decided to give the location in Henderson a try. We were pleasantly surprise. I had a pulled pork sandwich (delicious with the carolina bbq sauce) and some of the best mac...and cheese I ve ever had. My hubby had brisket, waffle fries and sausage. His brisket was a bit dry, but very... see more
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