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About Exotics Racing

Drive the Supercars of your dreams to the Limit on the fastest and safest Racetracks with Exotics Racing in Las Vegas. The original, best-rated, and the world's most enormous supercar driving experience.

You can choose from Ferrari to Lamborghini, Porsche to McLaren, Audi R8 to Nissan GT-R, and more exotic and supercars. The racetracks were specially designed for supercars with various turns, safety features, and the fastest straight away.

They also offer go-kart driving and off-road track experience. It is open every Sunday to Saturday from 9 am to 5 pm.

The supercar driving experience in Las Vegas & Los Angeles, California. Drive exotic cars like Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, McLaren, and others. Book Now!

High-performance cars will enjoy the racetrack's turns straights. Pro drivers can provide coaching. The BEST DRIVER EXPERIENCE in America Exotics Racing offers you an adrenaline rush while driving supercars around our 1.3-mile racetrack. This track was specially designed to maximize the performance of our fleet. Our professional race instructors will help you push your limits with coaching.

Driving a supercar is an unforgettable experience. We make it memorable from the beginning. Exotics Racing offers the best supercar experience. Why Choose Exotics Racing? Exotics Racing offers the original driving experience in Las Vegas, with one of the largest exotic car fleets anywhere.

Exotics Racing is the best place to go if you're looking for the ultimate driving experience on the racetrack. Many people try to replicate our driving experience since 2009. However, we are multi-award winning. Exotics Racing is the original driving experience.

Established in 2009 by pioneers in the field, it has been home to more than 400,000 happy drivers. EXOTICS RACETRACK FASTEST SAFEST Exotics Racing designed their racetrack for professional supercar drivers who want to experience the best of racing. Exotics Racing boasts the largest collection of supercars, with more than 50 available. Exotics Racing is a team of racing experts, which was founded by racing professionals.

They have the most experienced racing instructors and offer one-on-one racing coaching like no other place in the world. PREMIUM LOCATION Exotics Racing is located at SPEEDVEGAS Motorsports Park. It boasts a state-of-the art driving track and racetrack. MOTORSPORTS DELIVERY Exotics Racing offers 4 specially designed 1-Day Driving Experiences that will take you to new heights in your car driving.

PREMIUM FACILITY CELEBRITY CONNECTION This is why stars like Jamie Foxx and Lebron James chose Exotics Racing for driving supercars at the track. CORPORATE APROVED Exotics Racing holds more than 2000 corporate events for multinational companies like Bridgestone, Intel, Chase, Nike and Netflix. EXOTICS RACE'S FOUNDERS Romain Thievin (a race driver) and David Perisset (an investment banker), were able to connect through a shared love of cars. Exotics Racing was founded in Las Vegas by Romain Thievin, a racing driver, and David Perisset, an investment banker.

They opened the facility with just five cars and a few employees. It has since become the premier supercar driving experience. Exotics Racing has more than 60 supercars, and a racetrack that was purpose built with over 150 workers. They deliver this dream to more than 45,000 clients each year.

Romain Thievin Romain Thievin is a Fontainebleau native who has turned a passion for cars into a varied motoring career. Thievin is a professional race driver from France and has five French titles. He also worked as a stunt actor in more than 150 TV and film productions. His most notable role was behind the iconic red car in The Bourne Identity.

As a host on the French television program Fast Club, he was also a popular TV host. Thievin and David Perisset partnered in 2009 to create Exotics Racing. Together they've made it the premier exotics-driving experience. DAVID PERISSET David Perisset is an investment banker and motorsport manager.

He graduated from Paris Dauphine University, ESSEC Business School and co-founded Exotics Racing six years ago. This company offers customers the opportunity to drive their dream car to over 45,000 people each year. In 2012, he began racing as a gentleman racer alongside Thievin in Euro NASCAR Touring Series. He now lives with his infant son and wife in Las Vegas.

SpeedVegas Motorsports Park is the location for our exclusive SUPERCAR DRIVING EXPERIENCES in Las Vegas. It's just 15 minutes away from Las Vegas Boulevard. Professional racing drivers designed our 1.3 mile racetrack to showcase the supercar's capabilities. Here you will find the most popular turns on some of the greatest tracks in the world, including double-apex corners as well as fast sweepers and chicanes.

You can also see banked turns, large runoff areas and the US's only LED lighting system. 2,050 ft
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on Sat Mar 11 2023
It was a blast! From start to finish, it was an amazing experience. Brandon K (BK), my race partner, was there to help me on each lap. It was an amazing experience! !
on Wed Mar 08 2023
It was not great. In fact, it was kind of boring. My instructor Dino (or Dino) was a complete jackass. He would shout at me at every turn and make me do stupid things.
on Sat Mar 04 2023
It was an amazing experience! Kareem, a fantastic instructor and extremely knowledgeable was an amazing experience
on Sat Mar 04 2023
It was a great time. We had an amazing time doing 7 laps of Exotic Racing together. I had a wonderful ride with coach Kareem. He was very accommodating to my tallness and allowed me to change cars. It was a fantastic experience!
on Tue Feb 28 2023
A large group of 2 16 people visited. Arrival, instruction and driving were all very well planned and explained on the next steps. John was my FAVORITE instructor. John made it so easy to drive the Ferarri, and was very encouraging and educational. I can't wait to return!
on Tue Feb 28 2023
It was a fantastic track. The staff were friendly and helpful. They are focused on providing a fun experience for all, whether they're racing or drifting. Kareem was my instructor and I had a blast driving the GTR. He helped me every step of the way to drive like a professional.
on Mon Feb 27 2023
It was a great time Kareem was an excellent instructor
on Wed Feb 22 2023
Thank you for the amazing opportunity!! Thank you to Nino and John for the instruction!! You guys were amazing!! This granny, Major Payne, still has it!!
on Mon Feb 20 2023
From start to finish I had a blast! I wish I could ve done more laps. Brandon was a phenomenal co pilot. He saw that I had gained more and more confidence he pushed me more and more which made the experience and even better and more enjoyable thing!
on Sun Feb 19 2023
You will have a blast if you're looking for adrenaline. Brandon, our instructor was amazing.
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