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About Tutoring Club - Decatur Blvd

Since 2006, we have provided thousands of individualized education plans for students to help them achieve their potential. Struggling with math? Looking for enrichment? Our tutors and staff have you covered no matter your needs. First thing’s first: let us get to know you. Complete the form on this page to request more information and we will promptly return your call.

Or, if you’re someone who would rather see us in action, stop by sometime and we’ll be happy to talk with you. We are a family-owned business located on N Decatur Blvd., near the LVAC and Starbucks. You can't miss us (we think our signs look awesome!). Hope to talk to you soon!

-Jessica Russell and the Tutoring Club of North Las Vegas/Aliante staff

Thanks for stopping by! We are passionate educators who love helping students in the North Las Vegas and Aliante area. Reading, writing, math, SAT Prep—no problem. Kindergartners and seniors—both are welcome. We do it all.

The Tutoring Club at Clovis is what we love. This place is a must-see because of the amazing staff and tutors. This place provides a great supplement to the excellent teachers we don't have at school. Our children learn more when we help them understand the subject. This helps build their self-confidence and attitudes towards school.

They know what they are talking about and how to help. The tutoring provided by the Tutoring Club has been a great help to my three kids. It was getting too much for me to deal with the endless homework struggle and frustration that we had been experiencing every night. As soon as our children started attending Tutoring Club, we noticed a marked improvement in their academic confidence and decreased frustration.

We had wonderful family nights and our children excelled academically. Tutoring Club was a great place to learn and tutor in a friendly environment. Anyone with a student, of any age, should recommend Tutoring Club. My daughter went from being a struggling student to earning all her A's and Bs in school.

She has transformed from being shy to a confident and outgoing learner because of it. I would recommend Tutoring Club Fountain Valley for any parent that will listen. My son used to spend hours on his homework last year. His activities were very limited and he often fell behind.

I tutored him and he fought me. He was reluctant to go and felt like we sent him there as failures. It was amazing to see the shift in his attitude towards tutoring. His homework takes only a few hours.

He is very happy about this. He is done at 3:30 and not 10. It is free of the pressures associated with homework so he can enjoy other activities. He doesn't have to do his homework in a rush so that he gets some sleep.

We are grateful to the staff of Tutoring Club, who made our life easier. From eighth grade, my daughter attended the Poway Tutoring Club until the current tenth. From having almost failing grades and poor organizational skills, she now has straight A s and is taking AP classes. Two of my children are in this program, and they're from two different grades.

Each child has so far enjoyed their tutors and the experience. Although they were initially apprehensive about having to do work during the summer, they have made progress and continue their efforts. It s a win for them when I pick them. My daughter has attended Tutoring Club over the last year.

This has made a huge difference in her life. From being totally unconfident about school and disinterested, she now enjoys it. I have been a student at Tutoring Club for more than five years. Since I arrived here I've been tutored in subjects like Calculus and Chemistry.

These tutors are experts in their respective fields and can excel at them. It is a welcoming environment with friendly tutors. Dave and Liam set up the center as a home away from home. The tutoring club is productive, and they are very active in helping students achieve their academic goals.

My children joined Tutoring Club because of their frustration with schoolwork and lack of confidence. My daughter has always struggled with not fitting in or falling behind. Tutoring Club, and her tutors, gave my daughter the courage to succeed. Now she is fourth grade and on the high honor roll.

My second-year high school student was struggling with geometry. She began going to Tutoring Club every other week and a lightbulb went off. It was amazing how this helped her increase her self-confidence and even raise her grades from a low D to an excellent B. She strives for an A.
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on Mon Jan 23 2023
This location is amazing. I cannot praise it enough. I've seen such a difference in my kids and Jessica, the Assistant Director Jessica, and Beli have been nothing but wonderful.
on Tue Oct 04 2022
My kids look forward to their tutoring club sessions and love their teachers Each of my kids have a specific academic plan and goals they are working towards Their knowledge and grades are improving quickly and I couldn t be happier It s worth the investment in your kids
on Tue Sep 20 2022
My son found this place amazing. He has gone from beginning readers who could barely read and were frustrated by the process to being proficient at reading. The staff are friendly, the place is clean, and I am so grateful for all the achievements of my son.
on Wed Sep 07 2022
This place is a great place for helping our children achieve their learning goals.
on Fri Aug 05 2022
Although reading has been a problem for my son, I tried to help him but it would frustrate us all. Our family realized it was time for help. Our son has already used half the time and is now achieving the goals that we set for the program. Our son enjoys going to Tutoring Club. He's worked with many tutors and has really enjoyed interacting and lea... see more
on Thu Mar 31 2022
Five stars. I love this place. My daughter also loves it. We joined about four months ago. Although we were a bit nervous, it was a great investment. She is now able to sing and be happy every day. I highly recommend Decatur's Tutoring Club. Mrs Jessica is the special shout-out.
on Thu Mar 31 2022
After much research, my husband and me decided to trust Jessica and her team. We are so glad we did. Jessica performed a thorough assessment and did an incredible job meeting the needs of my daughter. I've seen tremendous improvement in her behavior and have also been able to see her return to education.
on Thu Mar 17 2022
on Tue Aug 03 2021
When I met with Jessica she was telling me what my son need to work on but I didn t want to do a bundle package so decided to just do 1 month session instead I told her I was gonna see what he learn and achieved before I do any bundle sessions My son told me they have him read a book and when I tried to read with him he couldn t decode the letter... see more
on Thu Jul 01 2021
It s a great place. My daughter has gained confidence from the guidance of these instructors. She returns home every day excited by what she learned. I could not be more pleased with the decision to send her to tutoring club
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