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About All Star Swim Academy

All Star Swim Academy offers high-quality swimming instruction in a kind and friendly atmosphere, where we utilize positive motivation in order to develop efficient, safe swimmers. Our ultimate goal at All Star Swim Academy is to eliminate childhood drowning, one swimmer at a time. Don’t wait until it’s too late! Drowning is preventable!


All Star Swim Academy in Henderson Offers Quality Swimming Lessons At Affordable Rates For All Ages and Abilities! We Teach Your Child The Right Way Right From The Start!

All Star Swim Academy in Henderson Offers Quality Swimming Lessons At Affordable Rates For All Ages and Abilities!

We Teach Your Child The Right Way Right From The Start!

FAQs How many students are in a class? We maintain a 4:1 student-to teacher ratio for our Learn-to Swim classes and 6 infants/toddlers per Aqua Babies class. We are proud of our small classes. What age can my child begin lessons? Lessons are available from as early as six months of age. Because we want the child to be able to hold their heads up well and can sit upright, we wait 6 months before they start lessons. Your pool is heated yes.

It is always at 92 degrees. The water temperature is 92 degrees, which is the skin temperature. How do I cancel a class? Each paid spot allows one makeup class each month. If you're going to be absent from a class let us know in advance.

We can then book makeup lessons for you. A makeup lesson cannot be cancelled once it has been booked. There are also no makeups that can be made up for any makeups missed. You must use makeup within the 30 day period of missing classes.

They cannot be used later than that. Are there different times and days I can attend? We ask that each child registers for the exact same day and time each week. This will ensure that they are in the same class with the same instructor each week. The instructor will learn about your child and can tailor your lesson plans to suit your needs.

Your time slot is not fixed. We can modify your class if you sign up for a Monday class and decide to change your mind a few months later. Drop-in classes are available if you can't commit to a specific day and time every week. Please inquire with customer service about drop-in classes.

Your swim school has been in existence for quite some time. In 2008, we started teaching swim lessons in our backyard. We opened the facility in June 2013. Are you using chlorine or salt water? We use UV-UV purification.

The only effective way to disinfect pools of germs like giardia and crypto is ultraviolet UV sterilizion. Many hospitals now use UV light to sterilize operating rooms. We keep a residual chlorine in the pool per regulations from the health department. Saltwater pools can also contain chlorine, although it is not well known.

It varies from one child to another. The child's fear of water will play a major role in how long it takes. Their listening abilities, separation anxiety and athleticism all play a part in this. It is difficult to provide a timeframe because of the many variables.

Each child's evaluation is done on an individual basis. If the teacher believes that the child is proficient in their skill, the supervisor will contact the class to conduct a skill assessment. If the child is able to demonstrate their skills proficiently and meets our passing criteria we will track their progress on our calendars and our computer system. At the end of each level they are given a bracelet.

The deck supervisor will notify the person who brought their child to class. ISR lessons are not offered by your school. Our swim school is gentle and friendly. Our kids learn self-rescue and roll over breathing.

However, we approach it gently. ISR, a very aggressive swimming program that can traumatize some children, is not our program. Instead, we teach water safety and children learn to love water. Are there free trials? You can always come to a class to see it before you sign up.

Unfortunately, however, no free classes are available. Our schedule has over 90 students and we have the lowest student-teacher ratio in the Valley. There are not enough classes available to offer free trials. 10907 South Eastern Avenue, Suite 100, Henderson, NV 89052 702-565-3824 . All Star Swim Academy offers swimming lessons to all ages in Henderson, NV.

All ages are welcome, including adults. We have the highest student to teacher ratios in all of the Las Vegas Valley swim schools. Our proven Strategic Swimming program emphasizes safety and technique. Swim team swimmers from beginners to experts are taught by us.
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Hours of operation

9:30AM - 7:30PM
9:30AM - 7:30PM
9:30AM - 7:30PM
9:30AM - 7:30PM
2:30PM - 6PM
8:30AM - 4:30PM
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on Mon Jan 23 2023
My daughter began swimming lessons at this location once per week. She gained confidence and is now ready to move on to level 2.
on Thu May 19 2022
We just finished the first lesson with our 16-month old son and can't wait for our next one. The instructor was amazing. My children loved her personality and it was fun to watch. I will definitely be referring my friends here.
on Mon May 02 2022
It was my first time taking adult swimming lessons. I found out I could swim, but I needed to improve my technique.
on Wed Feb 16 2022
Great teachers, great classes We will definitely be back
on Mon Nov 22 2021
It is amazing. The instructors are kind and patient. They will also accommodate my schedule. I have a little one and this requires a lot trust. I would definitely recommend this spot for swimming instruction.
on Fri Sep 24 2021
All Star Swim Academy is a great place to take your children swimming lessons. They also offer adult lessons. Classes are available at different times so you can fit it in your busy schedule.
on Tue Sep 07 2021
All Star Swim is a wonderful place for our family. We have been taking our 5 year old son to All Star Swim's baby class. The instructors are friendly and patient with new students.
on Sat Aug 21 2021
Water Wings was our first choice. We heard great things about it from a friend.
on Fri Jul 09 2021
My daughter initially was placed on the waiting list here. We did three sessions at Water Wings, which is another local swim school. She cried throughout the whole thing. We got a call from All Star but I was so glad they let us do the casual class. This facility has private showers and curtains. The staff are also very friendly and helpful. Glad t... see more
on Thu Jun 24 2021
Their customer service was excellent. We were impressed by their staff and the way they handled our situation. I signed up for two monthly classes. I had a 2 year-old who was taking the classes. I also have a 2 month old. I thought it would be difficult to get to class. I felt like I didn't belong.
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