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About North American Rescue - Education & Training

Commitment to our customers is NAR's top priority. Whether you are on the battlefield, in an urban landscape, or austere environments, hostile conditions pose unique challenges for managing a traumatic injury. At NAR, we recognize that in a post 9/11 world, requirements are ever-changing for those dedicated combat lifesavers, tactical healthcare providers, and law enforcement / EMS professionals who stand in harm's way to save the life of another. You are our customers, empowering you to save lives in the very heart of our business and our culture.

Founded in 1998, NAR Training is the premiere private company whose sole focus is to better prepare medical professionals, first responders and civilians for emergency situations where knowledge, skills and abilities, coupled with the finest equipment has been proven to save lives.

NAR is committed to its customers. No matter whether you're on the ground, in an urban setting, or in harsh environments, combat situations present unique challenges in managing trauma injuries. NAR recognizes that post-9/11 world needs are constantly changing for dedicated combat lifesavers and tactical healthcare providers, as well as law enforcement EMS professionals, who risk their lives to save another person's life. Our business is built around you. We believe that saving lives is our core purpose.

NAR is an ISO 13485 Certified medical devices company. This demonstrates our commitment to quality. We are ISO 13485 certified, which means we follow strict regulatory compliance and adhere to high quality standards. This ensures that the products that we sell are safe and reliable.

The NAR team has unique insights into tactical medicine. They are committed to developing breakthrough products to cover the entire spectrum of tactical casualty treatment, including wounding and trauma centers. Are you a medical device supplier committed to ISO 13485 Medical Device Standards? NAR's culture is based on the commitment to our community. Operation Giveback, which is our charitable giving program, is a key part.

NAR has given over 17 million to support Wounded Warriors families. We are grateful for the sacrifices of combat medics, their families and strive, through programs such as the Ranger Medic Handbook to give back to the communities we serve. Our partnership with South Carolina Vocational Rehabilitation Department SCVRD, Partners in Empowerment, provides training and jobs for clients with disabilities. We can focus on our corporate social responsibility by giving back to the community.

OUR MISSION OUR VISION Combine the expertise of seasoned combat medical professionals, top technology providers, researchers and asymmetrical warfare specialists to become the global leader in tactical casualty management solutions. These solutions can be field, laboratory and combat-tested. Follow The Mission
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Hours of operation

8AM - 5PM
8AM - 5PM
8AM - 5PM
8AM - 5PM
8AM - 5PM
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on Wed Apr 13 2022
This place was a great choice for me. I wanted to up my EMT skills to AEMT online. They were very responsive after my initial contact. The training office has the most friendly staff. The classroom is well-equipped so that you can have water and snacks throughout the day. The NREMT national registry folks show up on the final day.
on Sat Jan 08 2022
NAR provided my EMT training. It was a great experience. Practicals were done in-person and the Las Vegas NAR staff was amazing. I'm looking forward to returning for their other courses.
on Fri Jun 04 2021
Excellent information. I took my EMT training through NAR, and am currently working on my AEMT. This program is highly recommended. All my questions were answered quickly and without hassle. The staff also has great insight into how to get jobs or further training.
on Thu Mar 04 2021
Amazing programs are taught by the most skilled and caring instructors possible
on Fri May 20 2016
A comprehensive, focused, and valuable training program
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