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About Dream Racing

Dream Racing is a five-star driving experience at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. It features the world’s largest and fastest selection of Supercars and is the only place where you can get behind the wheel of a real Lamborghini, Ferrari, or Porsche Race Car. 
You can drive in their 1.2 miles and nine turns inside road course with an average cornering speed from 80 kph on the first left-handed corner to 135 kph. This challenging track is the perfect location to race on with their Supercars that can speed up to 220 kph / 135 mph in the straightaway and lateral G-Forces up to 1.6. 
You can also drive with their aggressive and fun yet very technical outside road course, also known as ORC. It has 1.2 miles, ten turns, and has many characteristics of an F1 street course with slight elevation changes and a few bumpy corners making it a great and enjoyable track. 
They always want you the best experience no matter which package you choose. It opens seven days a week from 9:30 am to 5 pm, with the last starting time at 3:30 pm.

Race track at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway providing luxury vehicles, instructors & simulators.

Las Vegas Motor Speedway offers luxury cars, simulators, and instructors at a race track. This car is the best for the track thanks to its powerful V8 engine, reduced weight and 20 additional downforce over the 488 GTB. 488 Pista The Cayman GT was designed to be a window into your world. The Cayman GT is a thoroughbred race car. The F430 GT is a force of nature that's too powerful for street driving, but perfect for racing on the track. Porsche Cayman GT The F430 GT, a race-car designed for track use, is the best.

It outclasses every other supercar in every way. Ferrari F430 GT Our Lamborghini Gallardo LP 570-4 Ferrari Gallardo GT is straight out of Super Trofeo Race Series. This race car has exceptional handling and performance. Lamborghini Gallardo GT Porsche 911 GT Race Car has more than 2,300 Cup Cars since its introduction in 1993.

This proves Porsche's commitment to sports car racing. Porsche 911 GT KTM X-BOW GTXX offers a brand new level of performance and weight saving. The KTM is an exclusive purpose-built race car with a carbon fibre chassis and fighter-jet style canopy. This car is unlike anything you've ever seen.

The KTM is a true rocket ship, with over 500hp. It weighs in at under 2400lbs and 1088kg. KTM XBOW GTX - Fresh from Maranello and winning the Challenge and GT races around the world. Dream Racing is the exclusive place to drive our Ferrari 458 GT.

Ferrari 458 GT It won the Challenge and GT races around the world. Dream Racing is the only place to drive our Ferrari 488 GT EVO. Ferrari 488 GT EVO Dream Racing is proud to welcome the Lamborghini Hurac n GT, an iconic GT racing car. Lamborghini Hurac n GT About Dream Racing Dream Racing offers a five-star experience at Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

It is also the only place where you can drive a Ferrari race car. All-inclusive driving experience at the track, that teaches you how to race car driver. Dream Racing was founded by two passionate drivers and many years of driving experience. It is now time to pass on this passion.

Ado De Micheli (president of the company) said, "I feel fortunate because I was able to race in my lifetime, which is my biggest passion and to drive some the most beautiful cars on the planet." De Micheli spent 12 years working at Maserati Driving School, Parma, Italy and Ferrari Driving Experience Maranello for 12 consecutive years. Ferrari is synonymous with all that supercars are capable of delivering, including the emotion and speed. It is a racing car that makes the Ferrari GT thrilling to drive around track. We also enjoy the concept of providing our clients with exotic street cars.

Lamborghini, an Italian brand that is highly appreciated in America, Porsche's unrivalled history in GT racing and McLaren have quickly made McLaren one of the most sought-after exotic supercars due to their technology and performance. The Ferrari street cars are still an icon for speed, beauty and control. Dream Racing's goal is to provide the most enjoyable driving experience. The car is only half the story, but you are the star.

You will need to dress up professionally in your helmet and race suit. Next, you will learn how to drive in the simulator. The Las Vegas track has been laser-scanned and mapped precisely. This driving experience is unmatched anywhere else.

This experience was only possible on real tracks with real race cars. It was a challenge to create an experience that would be complementary of the Ferrari brand and be synonymous with it. This goal is now attainable after hosting numerous corporate events as well as team-building activities. Enrico Bertaggia is the CEO of Dream Racing.

He explains how the racing Ferrari differs from its street-legal counterpart. The racecar was designed and engineered for maximum performance. There are no comfort suspensions or radios. Everything is focused on making it go as quickly as possible.

High-performance brakes and engine parts made of carbon fiber, as well as carbon fibre body parts. It's a machine that reacts quickly to its driver and responds in a precise manner. Driving a race car around a circuit on track is much easier than normal driving. It s designed for the task at hand.

You won't feel the brakes fade and your tires will provide more grip. This allows you to keep the track straight. Also, all controls respond more precisely. The right setup is what makes all the difference.

It s fun to drive a Ferrari Gt. To make the Ferrari Gt perfect, we have used all our knowledge and experience to set it up at its best. This will be evident from the first lap of Dream Racing. However, I also see the joy of driving exotic street cars on the track.

This can help you to appreciate their differences and highlights. Because it has an all-wheel drive transmission, the Lamborghini GallardoSuperleggera is special. McLaren MP4-12C, one of few supercars with a carbon fibre monocell, is a great choice. The Porsche 911 has won over 30,000 races in its racing history.

Mr. De Micheli, as well as Mr. Bertaggia have an unmatched attention to detail and fierce competitiveness. It was initially the aim to win in racing.

Bertaggia says that now we are fully committed to providing the best driving experience for our clients. We promise that no matter what driving experience you choose, you will have a unique experience. Dream Racing offers five star driving at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. It features one of the largest selections of Supercars in the world and is also the only place where you can drive a Lamborghini or Ferrari Race Car.

We promise you an unforgettable experience in exotic car racing, no matter what package you select. This is your chance to race exotic cars.
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on Mon Mar 06 2023
Walking around Las Vegas, I found this hidden gem. It was like car guys candy land. Pick your flavor and then go after it. After looking around for a while it became clear that the drift ran would be the most affordable option. Two minutes of pure madness will leave you with a permanent smile.
on Sun Mar 05 2023
The free shuttle pick up at Crystal Mall Valet Parking Area began this experience. This is located below the Starbucks in the mall. Dave was our driver. He was professional, polite and friendly throughout the trip to the race location. He is a funny and entertaining guy. Because I was scared of hitting a wall, I was anxious about this experience. D... see more
on Tue Feb 28 2023
on Mon Feb 20 2023
It was a great experience.
on Mon Feb 20 2023
My wife was a Ferrari F1 driver. She had been to another location in the town, but said that the experience here was better. Great instructors were the key.
on Mon Feb 20 2023
Pay an extra 100 to get those extra laps Fantastic x10 Sooooo much to do in Vegas but this May take the cake
on Tue Feb 14 2023
Canadian business owner. I booked a 10-lap package for a Lamborghini ride for my employee who was in Vegas for vacation. They called them and stated that the car wasn't available. After waiting hours, the shuttle finally arrived. My staff member was very disappointed with Dream Racing. He had wanted to experience this for his whole life.
on Tue Feb 14 2023
Incredible experience for all the family
on Mon Feb 13 2023
A wide range of car instructors and experience for all budgets
on Sat Feb 11 2023
Amazing experience. Beautiful cars, great track. The team was very accommodating and the instructors were great. I would highly recommend it to everyone who is interested.
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