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About Mystic Falls Park

Mystic Falls Park's vintage animatronic show is the Las Vegas version of "a walk through the woods." Birds are chirping overhead in live trees, reaching up toward the skylight ten stories above., hear a wolf howls, a mountain lion slinks above the rock, and a bear grumbles and grunts.

The Mystic Falls Park at Sam's Town features brooks that constantly bubble and waterfalls that roar to life, and there are fake shrubbery, rocks, and sticks that add to the outdoor-themed ambiance.

There are music that surrounds the place and laser show that tells a story of the western pioneer experience. During the Christmas season, the display is changed to include snow and wintery imagery in te laser show.

Indoor park under 10-story skylight at Sam's Town offering waterfalls, animatronic animals & lasers.

Under a 10-story Skylight, indoor park at Sam s Town that features waterfalls and animatronic animal lasers. This is the first Las Vegas locals casino to open on the Boulder Strip. The indoor park is 25,000 square feet and includes a bowling centre, movie theatre, and the biggest casino floor in Las Vegas.
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Hours of operation

Open 24 hours
Open 24 hours
Open 24 hours
Open 24 hours
Open 24 hours
Open 24 hours
Open 24 hours
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on Sun Mar 12 2023
It is a great place to enjoy a show or eat at a family-friendly casino. Las Vegas is full of great restaurants.
on Wed Mar 08 2023
Beautiful place. It is worth a trip.
on Thu Mar 02 2023
This stop was pleasant. It is much larger than you would expect. The park is surrounded by trees. The park has a bar that is a great spot to relax and grab a beverage. It is very peaceful, particularly at night. It was better than I expected. There were lights, lasers and (somewhat cheesy), animatronics. Also, there was a mini Bellagio-esque Bellag... see more
on Wed Feb 15 2023
Very peaceful and interesting.
on Sat Feb 04 2023
Automated shows in the morning and evening
on Mon Jan 30 2023
The park is located inside Sam s Town Hotel. It is a charming and cozy space.
on Wed Jan 18 2023
I didn't make it to this location, but I wanted to write a 1000th review.
on Tue Oct 04 2022
Visiting here you ll be treated to a really cool water show When you arrive stroll through the atrium and you ll soon be hearing the music and seeing the lights Each show lasts between 15 and 20 minutes they re all very lifelike it s totally worth the time it takes to come and see My favorite way to do this is to sit at the bar enjoy a cockt... see more
on Mon Aug 30 2021
A pretty cool free attraction It probably is the most interesting thing at Sam s Town other than seeing the tweakers act crazy Mystic Falls Park is a large atrium located in the middle of the hotel Even though it s inside it feels like it s outside with all the smells and sounds like the water cascading and it seems realistic for being fake T... see more
on Sat Aug 21 2021
Mystic Falls Park is a blast from the past a light dose of G rated American kitsch If you like I was are hoping for something more psychedelically tawdry vis vis Pee wee s Playhouse you may be disappointed But I say let your expectations go and you ll discover Mystic Falls Park is not a total bust in fact it s possibly just what you n... see more
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