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About Modo Yoga

$40 One Month Unlimited pass!

Take advantage of this amazing Intro special and see how awesome this hot yoga stuff really is. This special is available for ALL first-timers, ALL the time.

Modo Yoga is part of a community of studios that offer a new experience in HOT YOGA in a green, clean, fun, and open environment. The series is a cardiovascular workout that strengthens, tones, and lengthens the muscles while calming the mind and reducing stress. The 'hot' in hot yoga allows for deep, safe stretching and promotes detoxification of the skin, blood, and muscles through sweat. Every class orients students to everyday vitality and long term health.


Established in 2014.

Modo Yoga Las Vegas is a group of independent hot traditional yoga committed to ethical, compassionate, and environmentally conscious living. Collectively we strive to communicate that the benefits of yoga are limitless and accessible to all.

Modo Yoga is more than a series of postures. It began with two individuals' vision and has since grown into a worldwide community with classes in Hong Kong, Taipei, England, Trinidad, Singapore, Thailand, and across Canada and the USA.

This family has evolved and flourished with the ideas, hard work, and support of every Modo studio owner, Modo Yoga teachers, and, most importantly, through a community of devoted students working on bettering the world on a subtle level -- one sweaty yoga class at a time!

Welcome To Modo Yoga LV!

Modo Yoga Las Vegas is a socially and environmentally conscious hot yoga studio that is part of the Modo Yoga (known as Moksha Yoga in Canada) family. We aim to collectively change the world one sweaty yoga class at a time. Modo Yoga is a form of hot yoga that combines therapeutic yoga precision and the foundations of traditional yoga in a specially heated room.

In Las Vegas, our vision is to offer a safe space for people in Las Vegas Outro reach their greatest potential to rock a calm mind, fit body, and inspired life. We welcome all races, religions, genders, abilities, sexual orientations, and countries of origin. We’ll see you in the hot room soon!

About Modo Yoga is an online community for students both new and experienced. Our love for yoga and commitment to the environment are what unites us. We also share a common passion to promote peace in the world. Classes are accessible and offer challenging classes, which can be both healthy and enjoyable. Modo Yoga offers a safe place to practice.

You become part of our community, which includes over 70 studios around the world. You will see us in the hot rooms teachers. MEMBER PERKS Modo yoga members have their perks. Sign up today for Modo yoga membership and get the following: Unlimited yoga Karma classes, 15 extra off all retail products, and exclusive member-only workshops.

What is Modo yoga? Modo yoga is an independent community of hot yoga studios. We are united by our passion for yoga, and committed to making the world a better place. Moo Yoga has over 70 locations around the globe. No matter your level of experience or ability, we welcome everyone.

Modo Yoga classes look like. All Modo Yoga classes build on our Modo series. This dynamic set of postures, breathing exercises and poses is specifically made to be done in heat. All levels of Modo Yoga are welcome, including beginners and advanced.

Modo Yoga classes typically have around 40 poses and are designed to strengthen, relax and open the body. Modo Yoga is hot Modo yoga classes heat to 40° Celsius and 40 percent humidity. The temperature in the classroom can be affected by external weather and class size. Hot yoga can feel very hot at first if you have never done it before.

However, over time your body will adjust to the heat. Each class is taught at a student's own pace. Students should take breaks and drink water as needed. Modo yoga is a cardio exercise? Yes, I am.

We have heard it before. Being the most flexible person on the planet is the greatest reason to take a ModoYoga class. Don't be discouraged if your feet aren't touching the ground or you have trouble balancing on one leg. Flexibility will develop over time.

To take your first class, you don't need to be flexible. You should wear something you are comfortable with and easy to move in. Lightweight, breathable fabrics that absorb sweat quickly and are able to dry quickly will be best. You can wear shorts or leggings as well as a tank or top.

What do I need to bring? You will need water and a yoga mat. A mat towel might be useful depending on the amount of sweat you are putting in. If you do not have your own water bottle, we have water filters available so bring your own. We also have mat towels, towels, and shower towels available for rent.

Modo yoga classes are 45 minutes, 60, 75, or 90 minutes in length. There are many classes that run at different lengths. Please check our schedule to find the one that suits you best. Late for class...

We totally understand. Unfortunately, latecomers cannot be admitted once classes have started. To ensure a calm experience, every class begins and ends on the right time. Here are some benefits to yoga Yoga can help you build strength and flexibility.

Yoga helps us to be more mindful of our breath which in turn allows us to calm down and relax the mind and body. Regular practice can lead to happier people who are more able and able handle everyday stresses. More posts.hide.loadimg.hide another page.ajaxcallbtn.val 1.val 1.
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Hours of operation

6AM - 8:30PM
6AM - 9:30PM
6AM - 8:30PM
6AM - 9:30PM
6AM - 8:30PM
8:30AM - 7PM
8:30AM - 7:30PM
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on Thu Jan 12 2023
According to the website and the disconnected phone number this location is now Permanently closed
on Thu Jun 30 2022
I love this studio Very clean and the instructors are awesome It does get hot though I highly recommend drinking lots of water before Very welcoming and not too crowded I usually take the 6 am classes
on Sun Mar 20 2022
I ve practiced different forms of yoga over the decades I always avoided hot yoga Not sure why Something made me investigate studios close to where I live and Modo popped up I purchased the 40 two week pass My first class I was feeling a bit unexplainable with the heat element involved To be honest I almost didn t return until I realized ho... see more
on Fri Mar 04 2022
This place is amazing Everyone is friendly welcoming It s nice clean with a spacious locker room showers As an added safety precaution the front door is locked during class I wanted to get back into yoga after 5yrs found this place online They offered a great 2wk unlimited deal to try it out I loved it but I didn t love the comm... see more
on Sun Dec 12 2021
Loved the class I attended I ve been to a few yoga classes but none have felt like this The class was so soothing and the energy in the room was fantastic No pressure to be perfect just a sense of mindfulness and peace I love how the room smells and how they have you remove your shoes at the front I m happy I ve found a place to really dive de... see more
on Sat Aug 28 2021
Modo Yoga is incredible I just moved back from Florida and was quite partial to my studio and instructors back there I stumbled across Modo online and signed up for a month I instantly felt at home It took me 7 years to find my studio back in Florida but Modo was love at first practice The space has an amazing energy Kitty the owner is fun an... see more
on Thu Aug 26 2021
Love Modo Was not a huge fan of yoga before but this place was a game changer From the classes to the community it s just an amazing place for all kinds of levels and people I started with the Pilates classes Shauna is an amazing teacher and her workouts are AMAZING Hard yes but she shows modifications to everything to meet everybody in the... see more
on Thu Aug 26 2021
Modo is a hidden treasure in the heart of Henderson I ve taken Shauna s class and it is hotter than the room it s held in Her posture sequencing is deceptively challenging you ll think Oh this is so peaceful but by the end she s guided you through a flow that will leave you walking out of class with that yogi buzz I cannot sing her praise... see more
on Thu Jul 01 2021
I love this yoga studio I originally purchased a 30 day unlimited package to check it out but now that it s over I plan on continuing my practice there I m getting my friends to come with me as well I highly recommend it The people that work there are super nice too
on Sun Apr 11 2021
The BEST yoga studio in the valley From the culture to the cleanliness of this place I recommend it to anyone looking for a great studio to call home I have been going since 2015 and can attest that all of the instructors and the owner are truly passionate about what they do
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