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About Las Vegas Ski & Snowboard Resort - Lee Canyon

Lee Canyon Ski Resort, formerly known as The Las Vegas Ski & Snowboard Resort, is the only ski resort in southern Nevada, located in the Spring Mountains.

The Mountain has an average annual snowfall of 129 inches, complemented by the resort's snowmaking capabilities and 445 acres of served and hiking terrain with 860 vertical feet of lifts served terrain, 1,919 vertical feet of hiking routes, 24 serviced snow trails, and three lifts plus a tubing area.

Visitors will have access to 30 trails, 85 percent designated for intermediate to advanced skiers and riders and 15 percent for beginners.

The resort also offers skiing and snowboarding classes for children, ranging from kids who want to start winter sports to those developing racing skills.

Lee Canyon also includes a cozy base lodge with a cafe, grill, and elevated and bar lounge experience.

Ski resort with runs & areas for sledding, snowshoeing & tubing, plus a seasonal disc golf course.

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on Sat Feb 25 2023
Super fun Instructor Kimberly was so patient and sweet She really took time to show us techniques and how to prevent a crash She even offered a sweet treat for my child who was frustrated and crying Employees like Kimberly need to be cherished There was another guy instructor snapping at his crew for doing it wrong and not keeping the straight... see more
on Mon Feb 20 2023
Lee Canyon is non responsive to guest concerns I was injured at the mountain from a runaway snowboard I have not been able to ski again this year My knee is still not healed from this incident The instructor who was teaching the class came running down the hill after he saw me get hit The first thing I asked was Why was this snowboard... see more
on Sun Feb 19 2023
Beautiful place to visit and alot of fun for the whole family to go sledding down hills The only thing missing is the availability of restrooms and trash management Open to the public without any fees but the police will block the road if there s too many people present in the area Don t stop and block traffic or the police will tell you to mov... see more
on Sat Feb 18 2023
My husband I were denied entry for having a service dog and not telling the security guard Dan what my disability was I was in total and complete shock when he flat out said he has the right to ask me and to know He even went so far as to tell me to take my dog back to the car and leave him there If I wanted to gain entry I guess he doesn t ... see more
on Sat Feb 11 2023
Only giving Lee Canyon 3 stars because it s the closest resort to LV I feel like there aren t enough green slopes it s really easy to accidentally go down a black diamond especially when boarding down BlueBird The snow HURTS there was some trash around the park There s too many entitled teenagers that go here which is fine but at least hav... see more
on Fri Feb 10 2023
Don t waste your time or money Ski trails are not taken care of they are always short staffed I had an overcharge issue in the upper bar restaurant that no one has addressed it and it s been over 6 weeks now They keep passing the buck The waitress tipped herself on my cash and she also charged another group for drinks they didn t get Watch yo... see more
on Fri Feb 10 2023
I took my ski gear to seattle but i have another set of skis in vegas so I went to lee canyon and I rented a pair of boots 25 00 all good no problem I returned 30 days later and i asked to rent another pair of boots for some reason they sent me to the second level and told me that they did not trust my skis two years old they said they... see more
on Fri Feb 10 2023
Lee Canyon is definitely a nice place Just about an hour away from my place to see snow is always a plus I come here every year to snowboard or just sled down hills during the winter time It gets crowded if you re not there early and parking can be limited If you re snowboarding or skiing they usually have parking passes that you can purchase a... see more
on Fri Jan 27 2023
Great local resort We ve taken our daughter over the past couple seasons where she s picked up snowboarding quite well
on Fri Jan 27 2023
It s only getting 3 stars since it s the closest place to snowboard in Vegas If there were other options I d rate it a 2 out of 5 They don t bundle the rentals and lift pass anymore They also don t offer a student discount or locals discount on the single day pass which sucks Not everyone wants a season pass and the high price point turns away... see more
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