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About KG BBQ Restaurant

The best in Las Vegas for many delicious reasons:

  • Galbee BBQ - Grilled Marinated Beef Rib
  • Bulgogi BBQ - Sliced Tender Beef Seasoned Korean Style
  • Dwaeji Bulgogi BBQ - Barbequed Pork Seasoned Korean Style
  • Hyu Mit Gui BBQ - Grilled Thin Slices of Beef Tongue
  • Japchae - Shredded beef with Vegetable and Glass noodles
  • Deungsim - Slices of Sirloin Beef
  • Doenjang Jige - Bean Broth with Tofu and Vegetable
  • Kimchi Jige - Hot and Spicy KimChi Casserole
  • Tofu Soup - Soft Tofu and Seafood Casserole


Established in 2001.

We started as one of the first Korean restaurants in China Town. We always have used best quality meat and ingredients to satisfy our customers. Unlike other all, you can eat place, we do not use cheap products, you can find out for yourself. Try our A++ quality all you can eat, 24 different BBQ items and more side items. You will never go to another restaurant...

Modern spot offering all-you-can-eat beef & pork cooked tableside, plus sides & traditional dishes.

A modern spot that serves all you can eat beef pork, cooked at the table and served with traditional side dishes.
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Hours of operation

11AM - 11PM
11AM - 11PM
11AM - 11PM
11AM - 11PM
11AM - 11PM
11AM - 11PM
11AM - 11PM
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on Thu Feb 09 2023
This place was a favorite of mine when I was a kid. I loved to have a good meal with friends and then spend money on beverages.
on Sun Feb 05 2023
Good food, but poor service. Waitress did not listen to the children and demanded tip money. Side orders were limited for soups.
on Fri Jan 13 2023
It was a delicious treat. After eating here, I felt full. Excellent service
on Fri Jan 06 2023
12 29 2022. I went to this restaurant to eat with friends. I was hoping to get to Korean BBQ888, but it was three hours away so we just left. The waiter wasn't patient and I ran off before I could finish talking. We were not allowed to ask for more items. The dishes weren't brought to our table until we requested them. The food tasted bad. I am now... see more
on Mon Jan 02 2023
It was a good experience for me and four others.
on Tue Dec 27 2022
They were extremely understaffed and told us to be patient even though the restaurant was half full. Decent food, but the waitress took so long to check on us. The waitress had forgotten to place an order. It was a shame that there are only two waitresses.
on Mon Dec 19 2022
Great service, great food and a great price. This was on the 2nd floor. It was quite open. We loved it because we didn't have to wait. They also had great Ice Cream.
on Thu Dec 15 2022
Our family has been going to this place for many years and we love it.
on Fri Dec 09 2022
Meat isn t fresh. Even the seasoned salad was not fresh. I couldn t eat it. Fortunately, the staff were friendly and let me eat as long as they could.
on Sat Nov 26 2022
Fantastic BBQ. Great service.
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