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About Gilcrease Orchard

The Gilcrease Orchard Foundation

Over the years, the Gilcrease Ranch raised chickens and turkeys sold to the townsfolk and the military base close by. They grew assorted crops including alfalfa and eventually owned more than 1,500 acres of land, cultivating about 200 acres. 

Ted showed a greater interest in farming and took over the management of the ranch and their land holdings, while Bill pursued his interest in art and birds. Nevertheless, they both contributed time and land for the development of the Orchard during the 1970s. Ted eventually decided to stop alfalfa production and focus on an orchard accessible to the community. Bill assisted by experimenting with apple strains best suited for the arid environment. For nearly 50 years, valley residents enjoy 60 acres devoted to what Ted called his “pick and pay” orchard. 

An orchard in Las Vegas turned to an attraction where visitors can pick fresh produce off the tree or vine and see, feel, and taste the difference.  It is also well known for its apple cider doughnuts and apple cider. 

The Gilcrease Orchard: A Brothers Dream. This is Ted and Bill's dream. They wanted it to be a place that families could take their children to experience the same kind of lifestyle they knew. This unique place is a treasure trove where people can taste, touch, and feel the difference. They created a non-profit foundation to offer educational and recreational experiences to teach kids about the origins of food and its production.

This will help them to encourage a healthier lifestyle and an appreciation for nature. Bill passed away on October 24, 2017, at the age of 98. Bill wanted the Orchard to carry on his family's legacy and be enjoyed by all who visited it. Bill said that the Orchard was built with the hope it would last a long time.

Gilcrease Orchard Foundation. Over the years the Gilcrease Ranch produced chickens and turkeys for sale to local residents and military personnel. The Gilcrease Ranch grew a variety of crops, including alfalfa. They eventually had more than 1,500 acres and cultivated about 200 acres.

Ted took a more keen interest in agriculture and managed the ranch. Bill continued his passion for art and birds. They both gave their time and contributed land to develop the Orchard in the 1970's. Ted decided that he would stop producing alfalfa and instead focus his efforts on making the Orchard more accessible for all.

Bill helped by trying out apple varieties that were best suited to the desert environment. Valley residents have had 60 acres dedicated to Ted's pick-and-pay orchard for nearly 50 years. Ted realized that his health and age were affecting his ability to manage the Orchard. He decided to take steps to ensure its protection in perpetuity.

He and Bill decided in 1997 to create the Gilcrease Orchard Foundation, a non-profit organization governed by a Board of Trustees. Corinne Escobar and Dr. Larry Allen are the current members of the board. Tara Pike, Dennis Swartzell and Brad McDonald also make up the Board.

Visit The Preservation Association of Clark County's website for more information about the Gilcrease family history.
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on Wed Dec 21 2022
Pop corn is my favorite!
on Mon Dec 19 2022
It is a great way to enjoy Gilcrease's holiday decorations and take a wagon ride.
on Sun Dec 18 2022
Gilcrease Orchards provides Christmas wagon rides, Santa visits and hot dog sales during December. It costs 5 00 for anyone over 2 years old.
on Sat Dec 17 2022
Great Christmas experience
on Wed Dec 14 2022
Here is real olive Incredible! Pomegranates taste like candy . Honey made from real honey
on Tue Dec 13 2022
Every visit to the orchard was a delight. Santa was waiting for us to take a ride in the wagon.
on Mon Nov 28 2022
It is a beautiful place.
on Mon Aug 03 2020
Fantastic place to let the children pick their fruits and vegetables. We recently visited the Cantaloupe Branch where we found watermelon, cantaloupes and cantaloupes.
on Fri Jul 31 2020
LA GEM is great fun. You can get out in the sunshine and enjoy the outdoors.
on Sun Jul 19 2020
They have good quality fruits and vegetables at a reasonable price. The three-star rating is because there is no social distancing. The registers are not spaced out and customers stand in line. 50 people wore masques and 50 did not, but employees allowed them to enter anyway
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