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About Frontier Airlines

They are committed to delivering ‘Low Fares Done Right’. 

They believe travel should be for everyone. Low fares allow people to travel more often, see new places, connect with family and loved ones, and develop business opportunities.

Providing you with a real choice to passengers – with options that allow them to customize their flight to match both wants and budget. 

They serve more than 100 cities in the United StatesMexicoCanadaJamaicaPuerto Rico, and the Dominican Republic

Frontier is also committed to families, offering the lowest fares and enabling children 14 years and younger to fly free through the airline’s DISCOUNT DEN® travel club on qualifying flights. With over 140 new Airbus planes on order, Frontier will continue to grow to deliver on the mission of providing affordable travel across America.

Fly with Frontier Airline & make your travel cheaper. Book tickets today & save! 24/7 Customer Care. Easy booking. We make it easy to travel. Enjoy huge discounts. Book 450+ Airlines. Award-winning service. Last-minute travel. Types: Economy, Premium Economy, First Class.

We are based in Denver, Colorado and operate over 100 A320 family planes. Our A320neo fleet serves approximately 120 destinations across the Americas. Frontier Airlines average fuel saving of 43 percent compared with other U. S. carriers. Frontier Airlines 2019 fuel usage per seat-mile is higher than the average weighted of U.

S. major airlines, making it the fuel-efficient U. S. airline. Frontier offers the best fares and allows children as young as 14 to travel free with the DISCOUNT DEN club for qualifying flights. Frontier has over 140 Airbus planes in order and will grow.

MEET YOUR ANIMAL FRIENDS Each Frontier aircraft is adorned with a unique animal tail. Frontier is committed to helping save and highlighting the extraordinary and rare animals that can be found across North America. FRONTIER SHOP Official Frontier merchandise. Customers can now shop a wide range of Frontier-branded merchandise, and even purchase clothing with Frontier tails.

FLY GREENER Frontier America's greenest airline. FLY GREENER Frontier has an average fuel saving of 43 percent compared with other U. S. airlines due to its weight-saving strategies and fuel efficient fleet. The Travel Tails Blog contains a range of interesting articles that include news, tips and amazing destination features.

We also feature stories and customer testimonials.
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on Sun Mar 12 2023
This is the worst airline! You pay so much just for a checked bag, let alone a carry-on. It was so expensive to pick up your seat, and I had already purchased the plane ticket. I also paid extra for my checked luggage. Our plane arrived over an hour late. The seats were so badly glued together, you could not even sit beside someone. The extra charg... see more
on Sun Mar 12 2023
Frontier was the most professional airline I've ever flown. Yes, I was delayed coming back home. But they made it all work. They kept us at the same gate we were going to be leaving from and it was very pleasant. I told everybody about the flight and the great service I received.
on Sat Mar 11 2023
It was horrible that there were so many delays. I had to pay 25 bucks to check in.
on Thu Mar 09 2023
3) The worst of all the worst
on Thu Mar 09 2023
The customer service at the airline was unprofessional the last time that I used it. The employees don't know how to treat customers and want to make you pay for it! They will charge you for checking in, even if your bag is small.
on Sun Feb 26 2023
Nice trip to vegas
on Sat Feb 25 2023
Don t know if I ll ever fly Frontier again. The fare would have to be almost free. You have to pay extra for everything. No free cart service. You had to pay for non alcoholic drinks i.e. cokes, water, juice etc. This was a 5 hour flight and no movies. Really!! Even though you had to pay for your seat, your checked luggage ($57) what a rip off. W... see more
on Fri Feb 24 2023
Employees at the front desk never said anything to me regarding my carry on bag. They wait until I m about to walk on the plane to tell me I need to pay for my bag. Online they charge $64 but in person charged me $100 to carry my bag on board. Also you must be aware when checking in or purchasing your ticket online as they have boxes preselected fo... see more
on Mon Feb 20 2023
Excellent value for the money
on Mon Feb 20 2023
You don't want to be uncomfortable while traveling and you do not have the space to move around. This airline is for you.
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