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About Aburiya Raku

Chef Mitsuo Endo’s Raku—a Japanese-style grill specializing in robata and oden cooking is the nearly universal chef favorite for after-service dining. Guy Savoy describes it as Japanese with a “world view,” and loves the fact that it’s open until 3 a.m. All the robata dishes there, as well as the Kobe beef-liver sashimi.

Get the full Raku experience by calling ahead three days to reserve Chef Endo’s 10- or 15-course kaiseki tasting menu. Otherwise, opt for incredibly fresh sashimi, or the crab and foie-gras egg custard, cooked and served inside the egg.

Commitments to Quality


The charcoal oak “binchotan” is directly imported from Japan. Binchotan burns at a higher temperature and contains less moisture compared to other charcoal, which helps cook ingredients with a crisp finish.

Binchotan emits substantial far-infrared rays to cook ingredients thoroughly without burning them. Active carbon created by far-infrared rays brings out the full flavor of the ingredients. We offer these grilled delicacies to our guests.


They use Kobe Beef from Oregon, free-range organic chicken from California, Kurobuta Pork from Iowa, well-chosen fish air-shipped from Tsukiji, Japan. We offer our food confidently by carefully selecting ingredients to optimize the original flavor with the chef’s skills.


The condiments are all imported from Japan. When it comes to soy sauce, we have five different kinds of separating the uses depending on the ingredients. The table soy sauce for the guests is home-blends of them. 

For the salt, there are three different kinds. Our salt is based on the sun-dried natural sea salt made by classic Shiota style, where calcium of shell fossil from Hokkaido is added. Then, they blend this salt with a powder of konbu seaweed, dried shiitake, and matcha green tea. 

For sugar, there are four kinds. Especially “Wasanbon” famous for the finest sugar, has a mild and well-rounded taste of sweetness. 

Their miso is blends of 4 different kinds and ages at least two months, used for our “yummy miso soup.” In addition, we use Kanzuri : chili paste from Niigata, three year aged mirin and akazake: sweet cooking rice wine, dried bonito shavings from Tosa, Rausu-grown Konbu seaweed for broth from Hokkaido, Ko-re-gu-su: chili with island pepper from Okinawa. 

Your satisfaction is our greatest satisfaction.

As "Aburiya Raku" means "Charcoal Grill House Enjoyment", we would like you to enjoy our authentic Japanese food. Our goal is to see your smile!

Las Vegas, Nevada 89146. A cozy, buzzing restaurant that serves Japanese-style grilled meats and vegetables, as well as tasting menus.
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Hours of operation

6PM - 3AM
6PM - 3AM
6PM - 3AM
6PM - 3AM
6PM - 3AM
6PM - 3AM
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on Sun Mar 12 2023
on Sat Mar 04 2023
After eating, diarrhea (
on Sat Feb 25 2023
This restaurant has been very successful in their publicity and it is quite popular The staff is friendly and the inside Ambience is reasonably nice despite located in a strip mall that is dim The food is expensive and not particularly special it I would say above average There is more hyped than exaggeration as I think it is a Robata restauran... see more
on Sat Feb 25 2023
Top notch food and service. Omakase dinner deluxe was sublime, each serving was beautiful and the taste matched the beautiful presentation. Cameron and several staff who served were knowledgeable and outstanding. Would recommend for great food and atmosphere. You should book a reservation as they get busy.
on Tue Feb 21 2023
Amazing dinner at what i would consider a bargain price point. Really high standard of Japanese grilling and sushi. Cozy restaurant with really good service. Personally i felt that every dish tasted as they should. Really enjoyable dining experience not to be missed if you in vegas. Raku is located away from the strip and well worth the short journ... see more
on Tue Feb 21 2023
on Tue Feb 21 2023
Food ingredients not fresh enough, especially blue skin tuna or beef liver. For sushi the restaurant has tons to improve on in terms of ingredient selection.
on Tue Feb 21 2023
As turists from Italy, I can say that the food was good and the price was a bit high. The service was good though the owner seemed to not like us. I also paid 190-30 tips at the conclusion
on Tue Feb 21 2023
Back in Feb 2020 we had a lovely meal at Raku while in Vegas for a conference This was our first time back and we decided to splurge on the Omakase They were able to accommodate a group of 5 of us with a reservation made 2 days prior and even seated us in our own little private room The food was delicious my only complaint is that the omakase ... see more
on Sun Feb 19 2023
This is one of our favorite restaurant we always visit when we visit Las Vegas nice atmosphere good food good service always get their specials especially the sashimi foie rice bowl A5 wagu on the hot stone Hamachi kama For dessert green tea cream brulee
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