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Las Vegas helicopter tour locations and places

Las Vegas Helicopter

Best Helicopter Tours in Las Vegas Nevada

What occurs in Las Vegas remains in Las Vegas, right? It's undoubtedly true, though. You could easily spend a whole week in Las Vegas and still not see everything because there are so many things to do there! Taking a helicopter tour is one of the most iconic Las Vegas experiences. This city has more helicopters than any other, and for good reason—a helicopter tour of the city is perhaps one of the greatest ways to see all of its highlights. Here are some fantastic locations for a helicopter tour:

Helicopter Tours Las Vegas

In Las Vegas, there are plenty worthwhile helicopter trips to choose from. A helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon is the most obvious. If you're in Vegas, you must experience it because it's the only way to view the Canyon from above. A flight over the Hoover Dam is another iconic helicopter excursion in Vegas. This is quite likely the best dam tour in the entire world, and the only way to get close to it is in a helicopter. Additionally, you may take a helicopter tour over Las Vegas to see all of its famous landmarks. This contains numerous locations, such as Fremont Street, the Las Vegas Strip, and the Las Vegas Sign. A nighttime helicopter tour of Las Vegas may be the city's most distinctive experience. It is quite wonderful to take in the Strip's full array of lights.

Helicopter Rides Vegas

An additional activity in Vegas is taking a helicopter trip. Simply approach one of the numerous helicopter businesses that run out of the airport or heliport to do this. The excursion to and from the Grand Canyon, the flight over the Hoover Dam, and the helicopter tour over the Las Vegas Strip are some of the most well-liked helicopter rides in Vegas. Some of these rides are very short, so they’re good for people who just want to see one thing. Others are longer and give you a chance to see a variety of things. If you’re visiting the city during the winter season, you can go on a ride that takes you to a nearby ski resort, where you can see snowboarders and skiers in action.

Maverick Helicopters Las Vegas

If you’re looking for a helicopter tour that’s a little bit different from the ones mentioned above, go on a Maverick Helicopters Las Vegas tour. This company offers helicopter tours that let you do things you can’t do on any other tour. For instance, you can go on a tour that lets you ride in a helicopter that’s hanging from a giant wire and fly right above the Strip. You can also go on a tour that takes you to a nearby desert where you can do some offroading in a Humvee. Another tour lets you fly a helicopter yourself, which is an amazing experience. Maverick Helicopters offers many other helicopter tours in Las Vegas that let you experience the city at a different level. You can go on a tour that lets you go down to the Las Vegas Sign and even come dangerously close to the McCarron Airport. You can also go on a tour that takes you over the Hoover Dam and lets you walk across the Bridge of the Gods.

Las Vegas to Grand Canyon Helicopter Tours

One of the most famous helicopter tours in Las Vegas is the tour that takes you from the city to the Grand Canyon and back. This is a full-day tour that includes a visit to both the South and North Rims of the Canyon. You can’t reach the South Rim by car or by bus, so this is the only way to see it. The North Rim is more accessible, but there are only a few days each year when it’s open to the public, so a helicopter is the only way to visit it during those days. You can book the Las Vegas to Grand Canyon helicopter tour in two different ways: You can either go with a company that flies you straight to the Canyon and back, such as Maverick Helicopters, or with a company that flies you to the nearby town of Boulder City, where you can then take a shuttle to the Canyon. Choosing Boulder City as your landing pad has two advantages. First, you can take advantage of the free shuttle to the Canyon. Second, you can stay in Boulder City and have dinner there, which is a really fun experience.


There are so many things to do in Las Vegas, and one of the most quintessential activities is taking a helicopter tour. Helicopter companies offer a variety of different helicopter tours that let you see all of the city’s sights like the Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam, and the Las Vegas Strip. No matter which tour you choose, you’re guaranteed to see the city like never before.