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Las Vegas chinese food and restaurants

Las Vegas Chinese

Chinese Cuisine

There is great Chinese food to be found in Las Vegas, especially since the finishing of the Las Vegas Chinatown shopping center on Spring Mountain Boulevard in 1995.  Without a doubt, Las Vegas is known for having great Chinese restaurants for quite a while.

Las Vegas has a lot to offer when it comes to Chinese food.   Whether it is dumplings, or fried rice, or Peking duck, Las Vegas has many types of Chinese dishes for you to devour.

One of the staples of Chinese cuisine is steamed dumplings.  These are served not only in traditional Chinese eateries but are also one of the most popular choices in Dim Sum restaurants around Las Vegas.

Another favorite is Peking Duck.  But this is mainly only devoured by locals & tourists on certain holidays, such as on New Year’s Eve.  Peking Duck roasted to perfection, takes an expert Chinese cook, that knows the proper method to keep the flavor and texture just like in China.

Maybe you like Dim Sum?  Many tourists come to Vegas for the unique Dim Sum restaurants we have.  Being that many first-generation Chinese and Taiwanese live in Las Vegas, we offer a very authentic Dim Sum experience.

Famous Finger Food in Chinese Cuisine

Egg rolls are made with a thicker wrapper than spring rolls. See also chicken Egg Rolls.Serve Egg Rolls with soy sauce or Chinese warm Mustard for dipping.

There are some of the Chinese spareribs to choose from, which includes traditional Cantonese Honey Garlic Spareribs. spicy Salt and Pepper Spareribs, Spareribs With Black Bean Sauce, Hawaiian Luau Barbecued Ribs, and more.

Famous dumplings, steamed on one side and pan-fried on the other, are very easy to make. select from Potstickers with Prawn and Cilantro, a basic potsticker recipe with ground beef and Napa cabbage, or a Vegetarian Potstickers with tofu. Serve Potstickers with Soy Sauce With Ginger, Hot Chili Oil or Dumpling Dipping Sauce

Chicken wings are marinated in a sweet and hot blend of hoisin sauce, nectar, ginger, and green onion on this simple formula.

Spring rolls are a notable choice for a New Years celebration, as they constitute wealth for the approaching year. Cantonese Spring Rolls, Mini Spring Rolls, or Vegetable Spring Rolls. Serve Spring Rolls with soy sauce or Chinese language warm Mustard for dipping.

List of the Best Chinese Restaurant in Las Vegas

  • Hakkasan Restaurant
  • Wing Lei
  • China Poblano
  • Chengdu Taste
  • China MaMa
  • Flock & Fowl
  • Jasmine
  • Ping Pang Pong
  • Blossom
  • Joyful House Chinese Cuisine