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Las Vegas budget hotels and services

Las Vegas Budget Hotels

Best Budget Hotels in Las Vegas

Yes, you should start with budget hotels, and it is possible to do Vegas on a budget. This can make a huge difference to your budget and enables you to have a great holiday with decent accommodation.

But have you asked how important Your Room is to you?

If you have your mindset on one particular place or attraction, staying at the associated hotel may give you some additional perks or discounts, but otherwise, there is no real reason to stay at any particular hotel-casino. The massive hotel-casinos are constantly engaged in a struggle to keep all of their rooms full to meet their enormous overhead expenses. This means that there is constant downward pressure on prices for hotel rooms in Las Vegas. Therefore low to entice any visitors the small budget are forced to price their rooms low. Due to the competition from the hotel-casinos, these prices are often well below the national average for a comparable room.

1. Golden Gate

The hotel Golden Gate is a one-of-a-kind vintage casino hotel, and it was open in the 1906 (just a year after Las Vegas was founded). The hotel was also recently remodeled and it now has rooms with panache than any other casino hotels in the whole downtown: witness club chairs, flat-screen TVs, and pillow-top mattresses in the rooms. However, don’t choose the ones with prison-barred windows.

2. Tropicana

The Tropicana is one of the first 1950s casino hotels standing on the Strip, and it has been remodeled. Thanks to the renovation that has enlivened the hotel it is now looking better even though is opposite the MGM Grand. You can sign up for their promotional emails on the website for discounted room deals.

3. Flamingo Las Vegas

"Bugsy" Siegel built the Flamingo and the hotel is now one of the Strip's most well-known hotels. The hotel has been pulling in customers since 1946 even with the fact that the Flamingo hotel is one of the oldest Vegas hotels. Today it attracts guests who appreciate value-priced rooms in a great location.

4. Excalibur Hotel Casino

The Excalibur is a castle build with the medieval theme in mind, and its budget-priced rooms attract everyone that wants a good value. The Excalibur's rooms offer travelers basic accommodations even though it is located right in the heart of the South Strip area.

5. Rumor

Are you tired of the dinging casino slot machines? Flee the casinos and stay at this hotel that is designed in chic white, cool shades of violet and indigo for each "suite" and most of these rooms come with its hot tub, Wifi, and TV.

Las Vegas has such a huge range of accommodation; you are spoilt for choice.