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Blue Man Group Las Vegas Las Vegas reviews

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on Sun Feb 05 2023
This show has been a pleasure to see twice. I was sure it would be the same content the second time, but I wasn't as impressed.
on Mon Jun 27 2022
This 80-minute show consisted 40 minutes drumming, 40 minutes three men walking around in stupid costumes. I've been to Las Vegas numerous times and have seen many Vegas shows.
on Wed Apr 20 2022
A good show, but not for the youngest.
on Tue Mar 08 2022
My family and I had a lot of fun.
on Fri Jan 07 2022
The show was amazing! My wife and the Blue Men were very funny.
on Tue Dec 21 2021
This show was something I hadn t seen before and I was thrilled to finally see it during my Las Vegas half-marathon. The energy and intensity of the drummers was overwhelming. It was small enough to take in everything but still feel like a huge production.
on Sat Jul 24 2021
WOW! We had hoped to go to Vegas but had children so we were limited. Every employee offered us ear protection. We had not brought any so they gave it.
on Fri Jan 03 2020
This show is a must-see! Interactive entertainment with the audience and musical child friendly.
on Sat Dec 28 2019
Blue Man Group is an entertainment for the prefrontal cortex. It's a stimulating visual musical collaborative masterpiece. A stunning artistic interactive performance with strategic comedy timing and amazing surprises at every turn. Highly recommended.
on Wed Dec 25 2019
The kids had a great time. It wasn t as I was expecting.
on Sat Nov 09 2019
Blue Man has been my favourite show in Vegas for 12 to 13 years. I have seen them 9 times, with seven of these being in Vegas.
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