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Las Vegas Carribean

What is Caribbean Cuisine?

Caribbean cooking is a combination of African, Creole, Cajun, Amerindian, European - Portuguese, British, Irish, Spanish/Latin American, East Indian/South Asian, Persian, Arab, Chinese and Javanese/Indonesian cooking.  These traditions were brought from different nations when they went to the Caribbean.

What is Caribbean Food Like?

Steak, chicken, and fish served in the Caribbean are cooked with particular flavors and ingredients found in the district.  Caribbean cuisine incorporates key lime pie, grilled ribs presented with guava sauce, chicken kabobs, twitch chicken, and coconut shrimp.

What Spices and Food Are Native to the Caribbean?

Allspice or Pimiento is always part of the Caribbean Dishes. Its hearty and extraordinarily sweet flavor figures vigorously in the jolt style cooking of Jamaica, whose flavoring mixes rely upon allspice among other ingredients.

Cassava is the most important source of Starch in Carribean diet. It is use in numerous food includes in flour for tapioca or custard, boiled or fried or steamed like potatoes; filling in as a syrupy base for sauces, and even refined to season drinks.

Annatto is a flavor prized for its profound orange-red shading.  The seeds look like little rocks and are ground into glues, used to enhance cooking oils and to season and color meats and potato dishes.

Plantains look like bananas, however, have green, or even dark, skins and much lower sugar content. These are incorporated into meals like vegetables as opposed to natural products.  These high-fiber food are traditionally baked, mixed into purees or cut thin and broiled like potato chips.

Guavas these tropical organic products resemble a hybrid of a grapefruit and a pear. Guavas are scrumptious eaten raw, refreshing in juices and are utilized to make many jams, sauces, and pastries.