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About Mi Peru - Peruvian Restaurant

Best Peruvian Food in Las Vegas for the last 8 years!! Mi Peru has a killer Peruvian fried chicken. The fish ceviches served anytime, is like sashimi but with a kick, thanks to aji, a fiery yellow Peruvian pepper used in the marinade. Try them sometime. But for a summertime treat in your own kitchen, The Chef recommends Our award-winning "Lomo Saltado" (Tender beef strips sauteed with onions, tomatoes white Wine and garnished w/ French Fr. and Rice). Also, our Famous Causa de Atun, Peruvian-style mashed potatoes with tuna, eaten cool. It’s a portion of comfort food that a 10-year-old could prepare (with a little help from Mom). What gives the dish its unique flavor, Owner Mosca says, is the mix of our Ajis that we import directly from PERU. Make sure you use the green sauce (Aji), he reiterates. The world has already discovered the wonderful Peruvian cuisine!... It's YOUR TURN NOW!!

Family-run joint serving traditional Peruvian dishes, such as ceviche, in casual, comfy surrounds.

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Hours of operation

12PM - 8:30PM
12PM - 8:30PM
12PM - 8:30PM
12PM - 8:30PM
12PM - 8:30PM
12PM - 8:30PM
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on Sun Jul 03 2022
The pandemic has forced the restaurant to close permanently. It is hard to believe that this business closed forever.
on Sat Oct 02 2021
Very delicious Food was brought to us very fast The service was great A little pricey for what we ordered No regrets food was delicious
on Thu Jul 29 2021
The food It s good I ve had better at other places for less than 19 99 per plate though Most I ve ever paid is 17 and even that seems like a stretch The service This is why I m giving the location 2 stars I have a feeling that just because this location has good food whoever the man was that was here today thought he was entitled to act t... see more
on Wed Jul 28 2021
I m peruvian and unfortunately the food was average and over price The lomo saltado the meat wasn t tender at all and way too much juice soy sauce The pescado a lo macho didn t have enough flavor The ceviche had a decent amount of meat
on Sat Jun 05 2021
I really wanted to like this place and try it out after seeing so many good reviews and I tried it with my parents daughters and the older gentlemen was super rude everything bothered him such a uncomfortable experience Every time we asked him for a drink or some green sauce he rolled his eyes but thats not all he sighed I was like wow he didn t e... see more
on Sat May 08 2021
Really enjoyed the Pollo Saltido These dishes are always heavy on onions which I love my husband not so much so Not heavily spiced which I wouldn t mind more but it was full of flavor Will come here again
on Sun May 02 2021
Customer service was nice and I really loved the decor I would definitely come back to try something else off the menu
on Sun Mar 21 2021
Great little restaurant we found in Henderson and I was impressed We were visiting from LA came to NV to explore the parks and came across this place I m Peruvian so I can be a little picky on restaurants but this place was great I got the tallarin verde with bistec green spaghetti with steak and my partner got the Lomo Saltado We ll defin... see more
on Sun Feb 21 2021
So upset about coming here Some of the best food I ve ever had came from a paper plate but you come to a restaurant and excuse the prices because of the ambiance but instead you get cheap plates bad service and GREASY OVER PRICED FOOD Truly the epitome of insult to injury being served an 19 and 14 plate on cheap styrofoam and it s bad The ... see more
on Sat Jan 09 2021
I m not too sure if I was impressed The food is just alright I guess For the price they want I was expecting more and it s better if it was served in a real plate with real utensils I know it s the COVID but it s supposed to be a fine dining Also for a Friday dinner time it s just us and another couple I was really hoping it s better co... see more
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