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Big Shot Stratosphere Las Vegas reviews

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on Tue Mar 07 2023
The first time I rode the rollercoaster to the top of the Strat, it was terrifying. The Big Shot is now a must-do! You will be taken to the highest point in Vegas, and you'll feel the thrill of the descent. I would love to do this ride again and again.
on Thu Mar 02 2023
Although it was scary, I'd do it again.
on Sat Dec 31 2022
It is better to visit the entire city of Vegas if you fear helicopters.
on Tue Dec 27 2022
Casey was a great employee. He was clear in giving directions and told us all about the Nevada Resident Discount.
on Sun Dec 25 2022
Although it is scary, the views are stunning and you can have a lot fun.
on Sun Dec 11 2022
Big Shot is located on the top of the Strat Old Stratosphere Tower, which is on the 112th floor. You may have an inkling of how stunning and intimidating the views are. The Big Shot ride consists of a small tower that is high up in the 112th floor. This tower has some rails and seats. From there you will be ejected into the air a few times.
on Mon Oct 03 2022
The ride was open for everyone. We were able to see the inside and outside decks.
on Sun Oct 02 2022
This is a must-see attraction while visiting Vegas. It's windy here as to be expected. You can see Nevada in the distance from Big Shot. However, they shut down Big Shot and allow only the other rides to run. The attached photo shows my favourite ride. The claw arm spins 7 people out to the sky. They warn that still shoes and sunglasses can cause c... see more
on Thu Sep 29 2022
The unlimited pass is my favorite of all three. It allows you to take this great shot ride repeatedly.
on Fri Sep 23 2022
As a birthday gift, I received the thrill rides all-access pass. I was thrilled. But what they didn t say was that they were only for plus-sized people. I found out that they told me when I bought tickets that safety belts and seats are reserved for thin people.
on Fri Sep 09 2022
You can feel the excitement outside as you climb the tower and leap off it
on Thu Sep 01 2022
Incredible is one of the most amazing experiences in madness adrenaline beauty
on Sat Aug 27 2022
It was amazing. The only thing that I didn t like about it is the fact that I rode at night. Also, I had to go in bad weather so my crackers wouldn t work. Overall I enjoyed it and found it to be a great stress reliever. I will definitely take another ride.
on Sun Aug 21 2022
You should definitely go.
on Wed Aug 10 2022
HOLY Cungadero LIGHT nER You Everything Must Go On This Ride It's A BIG SHOT
on Sun Jul 24 2022
on Sun Jul 03 2022
It was beautiful. I am afraid of heights and rides so it wasn t something I did. However, I enjoyed the view.
on Sun May 01 2022
Terrible experience. I was forced to wait for hours to receive new keys. Never stay at this hotel if you don't want to waste your time waiting to be given a key.
on Sat Mar 12 2022
Safety was okay according to my husband and children. I was skeptical about allowing them to ride the rides, but they said they were fine after their first experience.
on Tue Mar 08 2022
It was amazing. The view and ride were breathtaking. I enjoyed every minute of it.
on Wed Feb 16 2022
If you enjoy riding the thrill rides, the strat rides are worth a visit. To get to the top you will need to pay $30.
on Tue Feb 01 2022
You can see the amazing views from the observation deck. It makes you dizzy looking down.
on Mon Aug 12 2019
Vegas Night Lights - A joyous ride
on Sun Jul 21 2019
It's an exciting rush, but it is short-lived. Amazing view
on Sat Nov 24 2018
It was an amazing ride, perfectly placed at the summit of the tower at nearly 1000 feet. The ride is a thrilling thrill ride.
on Fri Sep 28 2018
It was amazing! They had three rides: the first is to throw you out from the 100-story building and pull you in. The second is to spin and tilt you horizontally, so you can see below. Third is their best. You are thrown up the tower and fall back.
on Sun Jul 15 2018
Amazing view of the Stratosphere casino and hotel from the last floor
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