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Bauman Rare Books Las Vegas reviews

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on Mon Mar 06 2023
The place speaks for it self. Genuine, authentic. It is a true gem.
on Sun Feb 19 2023
Beautiful editions. The staff were very knowledgeable and helpful.
on Sun Feb 12 2023
A very high price
on Fri Feb 03 2023
You must visit this best place to read ever
on Thu Jan 12 2023
Amazing collection of rare books. It's a pleasure to browse whenever I am in town. Definitely worth stopping by. But let them know if there is something you need.
on Mon Dec 26 2022
A friend of mine who is from Oregon visited this Las Vegas store to find out more about a book I had in my collection. They didn't respond to me.
on Sat Oct 15 2022
It was a really nice location. I expected a bookstore with lots of rare or unusual books. A place where you could find some amazing stuff. But it wasn't that. More of a museum than a bookshop.
on Tue Oct 11 2022
It is one of the best places to visit if you are a book lover. I recommend it highly. The greatest was a first edition Principia By Newton Wish I could afford.
on Sun Sep 18 2022
Beautiful old books. If I was rich, I would have bought it out. The worker was friendly even though we said we were not going to buy anything right away but wanted to see stuff in the future.
on Sun Sep 04 2022
This beautiful collection contains rare and exotic books. It's a real treat!
on Tue Mar 08 2022
The books and their services are not only great, but they're also amazing.
on Fri Jun 19 2020
The bookshop is so great because Rebecca Romney, the book specialist and friendly woman who manages it, is its service books manager.
on Wed Mar 04 2020
This store is located on the 2nd floor of the Venetian Canal Shoppes. I'd definitely have gone to this shop if I was going to Vegas.
on Mon Mar 02 2020
I don t know much about books especially rare one of a kind limited edition authur signed copies etc But after I left here I know what to look for should I ever come across books at swap meet or garage sale They ve books in there like the holy grail of baseball cards Honus Wagner talk about wearing white gloves in able to touch it I thought... see more
on Sat Jul 27 2019
Great collection. Knowledgeable staff. Would give 10 stars.
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