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Axe Monkeys Indoor Axe Throwing Las Vegas reviews

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on Sun Mar 12 2023
We had an amazing experience, even for total newbies. Our group, which included people of all ages, really enjoyed the challenge. It took some time to master the technique but everyone eventually reached the goal. Jason, thank you for making it a memorable night and accommodating our unfortunate cancellation. !
on Thu Feb 23 2023
Great service, the instructors did a great job. Very enjoyable, will most likely get a membership to keep coming back.
on Mon Feb 20 2023
Best place ever
on Sun Feb 19 2023
It was a wonderful experience. We learned how to throw, and we didn't have to laugh at my mistakes.
on Sat Feb 11 2023
It's a fun and exciting family activity
on Sun Feb 05 2023
I went to my nephew's 13th Birthday Party and it was great fun throwing knives and axes.
on Tue Jan 31 2023
We had a great experience at this location. The staff was attentive to our safety and constantly checked in to make sure that we were doing well. They also gave us amazing tips to improve my throws. I will be returning to Vegas on my next trip with a larger group. Thank you so much for your hospitality!
on Tue Jan 24 2023
Axe Monkeys was a great place to meet friends and have fun. However, Jason Boisvert has repeatedly been guilty of lying to customers. He has also broken his promise multiple times to long-time patrons and has violently reacted to the mildest problems that may arise.
on Tue Jan 24 2023
Great place to have fun with your Boy Scout troop
on Mon Jan 16 2023
Our husband was in Vegas to celebrate our anniversary so we went. We had so much fun. My favourite part was the throwing of the Ninja Star. We'll definitely return. The staff is super friendly too.
on Fri Jan 06 2023
It was a wonderful time. I will be back.
on Tue Dec 27 2022
The staff at this place are amazing. They made sure we came every single time we went to Las Vegas. It was amazing.
on Thu Dec 22 2022
on Mon Dec 19 2022
WOW! We love the Axehole but this place is so much better! It s way bigger and they seem to replace their targets more frequently. I wish they d install some fans to circulate the air more, it was warm in there despite it being in the low 70 s outside, but other than that this place rocks!!!
on Tue Nov 22 2022
This is a great family activity Guy, who manages the site, is very nice. It's a wonderful escape from the usual Las Vegas paths.
on Mon Nov 07 2022
A friend organized a party at the facility. It was great fun. I didn't get to try the rage area, but it is a cool idea. The staff were friendly and helped us throw for about an hour. This activity will be enjoyable with friends.
on Mon Oct 31 2022
When We Were Young was in town and my friends and me decided to visit this place on Halloween Jason was so friendly and helpful that we had an incredible time. I am beyond thankful to him for this opportunity.
on Wed Oct 26 2022
Jason was patient, and an outstanding instructor. Fun activities were enjoyed by my wife and our 15-year old daughter for her birthday.
on Sat Aug 27 2022
It was pleasant to be surprised. We had fun with our family. The staff were friendly and helpful. They took photos of us, and they are very kind.
on Thu Aug 25 2022
I had my first encounter with AxeMonkeys when they set up a traveling setup at a downtown festival. It worked and I got a bullseye. The other experience that I had was with them was their team building event. Our 9-strong Team were able to arrive hours earlier than the opening and were given the full control of the venue. Robby, who we decided to c... see more
on Tue Aug 16 2022
As a surprise birthday gift, my fiancé brought me to this place.
on Wed Jul 27 2022
It is amazing. You won't believe how much fun it can be to throw an Axe. The staff was helpful in getting us started, and then when we were done they gave us another challenge. I took photos of the prop area and truly enjoyed the experience.
on Tue Mar 08 2022
This was an exciting place. It's a great spot to vent your anger as you throw knives, axes and other tools.
on Tue Aug 04 2020
Staff is great and super fun. We'll be back
on Sun Aug 02 2020
This was an enjoyable experience. It was great fun. The staff were very friendly. I was initially concerned that an hour of throwing an axe would be too long and make me bored. However, I was wrong. I am going back to the smash room to see if it is possible to get more.
on Thu Jul 30 2020
It was a great time. Instruction was sufficient and useful. An hour is enough Fun, even if you lose. Keep track of the scores and have fun with the girls
on Sun Jun 21 2020
It was fantastic! The staff were so friendly and accommodating. They also taught us how to throw the various throws. The smash box was a great addition.
on Mon Aug 12 2019
It's a great experience and a lot of fun. Try throwing the axes, knives or the coup de gras shovelhead.
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