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Artisan Boutique Hotel Las Vegas reviews

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on Sun Mar 05 2023
Surprisingly, the hotel was under renovation. However the lobby was full of dust. My in-room one floor above was covered with dust. Although this place will be great once it's completed, it's still not complete.
on Sun Mar 05 2023
on Tue Feb 28 2023
on Sat Feb 25 2023
Very nice
on Thu Feb 23 2023
I m sad that the Gatsby experience of this place is no more It will soon be the Lexi the first cannabis hotel in Vegas The staff was polite The new room had no phone You request ice from the front desk The pool is either being renovated or used as storage during renovation The lobby is gutted The adjacent bar is open Their was a fridge i... see more
on Mon Feb 20 2023
A little different
on Sat Feb 11 2023
Although I didn't stay in the hotel, I went to the parties and restaurant many times. The place is very cool and unique and I really enjoy it. 2023 The location has been renovated and its charm lost. But I had a great night.
on Sat Feb 11 2023
HORRIBLE HOTEL I was not informed that amenities were under construction. However, you will still have to pay an amenities fee. Our room was filthy with garbage and insulation. The front desk boy was extremely rude. I'd give it 0 stars.
on Sat Feb 11 2023
There is no surprise resort fee ZERO amenities. Moldy insulation sitting in a heap in the room.
on Tue Feb 07 2023
After having stayed at this establishment twice for wine events, I decided to stay here again. The hotel is under renovation and has spooky old decor. The elevator was a little noisy and the attendants were friendly.
on Mon Feb 06 2023
The worst hotel experience I have ever had
on Mon Jan 30 2023
This place is a total slam. They started construction at 6: 30 am shaking my bedroom to the point that I couldn't sleep with my earplugs on. I called the manager, who was extremely rude and claimed to know about Syd construction. I was not offered a room swap or discount and was never able to talk to anyone. I m now trying to get everyone to see ho... see more
on Sun Jan 29 2023
The positive atmosphere was a big plus.
on Sun Jan 29 2023
BATHROOM I went in immediately after getting out of the shower.
on Sat Jan 28 2023
This is one of the most disgusting places that I have stayed in Vegas. The rooms are old and there is no parking. They made it a marijuana friendly hotel in April 23. But nothing will save them.
on Sat Jan 07 2023
Discussing the shower curtain was full of stains. They only had a sheet on their bed, no blanket in winter. The bar and restaurant were under construction so there was no food.
on Mon Dec 26 2022
The hotel's only asset is their collection of artwork. I arrived on Christmas Day with tears streaming down my face. Ashley informed me that she had checked with Ashley and had not cancelled my reservation. I requested help to check out and was told by another staff member that they don't allow late checkout. I felt very uncomfortable when I got to... see more
on Fri Dec 23 2022
It was worth the effort to try this place. Having been to Vegas several times, I assumed it would be a good idea to stay there.
on Tue Nov 29 2022
If you are looking for a hotel with beautiful photos, this is the result.
on Sun Nov 13 2022
They were renovating the hotel and didn't give me any warnings. The beds weren't comfortable and the pillows were sore. There was no fridge, microwave or hair dryer in the room.
on Wed Nov 02 2022
Scammers swindling rooms prices Beware! They will magically charge 3x your quoted rates if you book directly
on Tue Oct 25 2022
Vaschez, the front desk agent was very patient with me regarding my complex reservation. She made sure I was properly accommodated and could work with the third-party app that had booked my reservation.
on Tue Sep 20 2022
For this room fee, 110 was due. I couldn't use the service dog pool because it was filthy. I also received 210 parking fees. I gave valet 12, front desk and 10 tips to ensure I stayed at a reliable hotel without hidden fees.
on Fri Sep 09 2022
Although I enjoyed the atmosphere and decor, I wasn't happy with the parking company at the Hotelm Las Vegas. I went to bed and had a nice night. However, I discovered that my wheel had been stolen. The valet had no security footage and had not taken any responsibility for my vehicle. My bumper had also been damaged.
on Tue Mar 08 2022
Great hotel for couples. The atmosphere was also fascinating.
on Mon Aug 03 2020
It was terrible. The hotel pool is used for party rentals so guests cannot swim there. The noise is too loud and people are fighting to get out of the room. The police arrived three times to check the situation. We are afraid we will be displaced and are worried about our car. The staff apologizes but is not able to control it.
on Sat Jul 18 2020
Wonderful, unique hotel. Everyone was very friendly to me.
on Thu Jul 02 2020
Although I would not recommend this hotel, I think it is beautiful. The rooms are dark and gothic and have a lot of art. My husband was also there to help me. The bathroom lights are on a timer and have a motion sensor. The second time the lights went out in my shower they turned off again. I was able to reach behind the curtain to turn them on aga... see more
on Fri May 29 2020
This is a wonderful place. We won't stay elsewhere when we return to Vegas.
on Wed Mar 25 2020
This is where Don Henley Glenn Frey, Don Felder and I are referring to when we wrote Hotel California. It is dark and quirky and has an adult pool.
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