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Aria Patisserie Las Vegas reviews

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on Mon Feb 20 2023
Big lines but it moves quickly and your order is also ready quite fast! Very nice service! The food is really nice and the price is reasonable!
on Mon Feb 20 2023
This is usually the only place open at random hours. You cannot modify or customize the food. It's what it is. However, I always feel like I m eating airplane meals.
on Sun Feb 19 2023
It is a solid 5 Boujee hotel for taking photos in. They also have a 24-hour cafeteria that you can use to earn MGM Rewards points. My favorite was the matcha cake
on Sun Feb 12 2023
You can't go wrong with Tiramisu, a top-quality pastry. Don't delay until they are gone.
on Sun Feb 12 2023
Fast service, good food.
on Sun Feb 12 2023
These two cakes were delicious. The Opera cake was my favourite.
on Sat Feb 11 2023
Our wife and me have been going here for many years. They changed the beans they use for espresso drinks. The old espresso was delicious and rich. The new one is not as rich. The pastries and breakfast sandwiches were excellent. We get an almond croissant and a warm ham and cheese croissant.
on Sat Feb 11 2023
It has been 3 years since I was last there. Unfortunately, the quality has decreased significantly. On one hand, a tip was taken which was not my choice and the selection of breakfast brioche has dropped a lot. This really disappointed us.
on Tue Feb 07 2023
The payment terminal 8 charged us a 15% tip. My wife, who was right beside me at the time, and I both agreed that there was no need to tip. We had just purchased a few prepacked items cookies and other things over the counter.
on Thu Feb 02 2023
Overcharging can happen. We ordered 1 and 2 scoops of gelato, and then the cashier took my receipt. She promised to refund my extra charge when she comes back one month later.
on Wed Feb 01 2023
Excellent pastries. Thank you so much for your availability 24-7
on Mon Jan 30 2023
This place was amazing when it first opened. I loved the selection of pastries available and I tried them all. Fast forward to the present. The Tiramissu tasted okay, note the word. I went to Florida to find Key lime tastes like lemon Aria s Key limes are so bad I couldn t finish the whole thing. The raspberry tart was old and rotten. Jean Philippe... see more
on Sun Jan 29 2023
You should come in early in the morning if you wish to get pastries. In the evening, the cases are limited. I ordered the chicken caprese sandwich but decided to split the Oreo brownie. I could not wait to see the entire case.
on Sat Jan 28 2023
Delicious desserts and great to go breakfasts baked goods are perfect as is the coffee and try the lavender tea latte so Comforting The gelateria adjacent is also wonderful mango passion fruit was refreshing after a heavy dinner
on Wed Jan 25 2023
Beautiful patisserie. The decor was whimsical and cute. Their gelato is delicious. And the staff are friendly.
on Sun Jan 22 2023
Caramel dulcey crepes are very delicious. You can taste the caramel.
on Sun Jan 08 2023
There are many beautiful and delicious pastries, chocolates, and cakes at this patisserie. They also have gelato. Although the service is good, the prices can be quite high for Las Vegas. I believe there are better places where you can find quality chocolates at much lower prices. But if you are desperate you will definitely enjoy the sweet treats ... see more
on Mon Jan 02 2023
Our needs were urgent so we went to Aria Patisserie. On the left, you will see the casino. I ordered a Muffaletta Sandwich with Mortadella Salami Ham and Provolone Cheese. The sandwich was good but dry. I decided to get a croissant. They have layers upon layers of buttery goodness. I wish I had bought four of these.
on Sat Dec 31 2022
24-hour patisserie - A true dream! There is always a wait, but it's well worth it. The chocolate raspberry dessert was amazing. The strawberry bars were delicious. The pain au chocolat apple cheese danish was great too. The crumb looked lovely but it was very flat. The croque madame crepe wasn't as tasty.
on Sat Dec 31 2022
This is why the ratings are so low. We love the almond croissant.
on Tue Dec 13 2022
They provide excellent service to the customers they serve. Pastries are so delicious. Coffee is delicious. It can get quite crowded.
on Fri Nov 11 2022
One morning, we were running late and needed a quick meal. Ruby and Stephanie were extremely helpful. We will definitely be returning to Patisserie. Ruby and Stephanie deserve a huge thank you.
on Tue Nov 08 2022
The Cobb salad tasted great and there was no waiting for it to be made. During my stay of 20 minutes, the tables and staff were dirty. The place is not worth the effort.
on Mon Oct 24 2022
It was so delicious that we enjoyed our breakfasts and coffees here last week. The cheese danish was delicious, as well as a blueberry muffin. The coffee was excellent and the pastries were delectable. I would highly recommend.
on Fri Sep 16 2022
The drip coffee here is excellent, despite its high price. The pastries and gelato were delicious, the service was friendly.
on Thu Aug 11 2022
It is strong, Starbucks-like. The pastries are delicious and varied. There are also a variety of sandwiches available. if you like.
on Sun Jul 31 2022
The Cosmopolitan was our hotel, but we were able to walk to the Aria. They also have a Patisserie that is open all day. This was convenient for snacks and drinks. Over three visits, we enjoyed a fruit tart and a muffin hot cocoa, as well as tea and coffee. You can also sit down at the tables and watch people, while the Patisserie is located in the ... see more
on Thu Jul 21 2022
We went at 11 p.m., and the coffee was terrible. I also noticed that monkey bread, nutella bun, and cookies were offered. They all tasted of grease chemicals. Starbucks offers better products at a lower price.
on Thu Jul 07 2022
I tried the banana bread with hard edges and cake. It was definitely not fresh monkeybread. The first was hard cheese danish. Although it was delicious, it was less buttery than my chocolate brownie. Breakfast sausage egg sandwich on a brioche bun was my only consistent choice. I ordered a vegetarian crepe, but was instead given a vegetarian omelet... see more
on Tue Mar 08 2022
Pastries that were delicious, soft and affordable.
on Mon Mar 09 2020
Excellent service. It was more affordable than other Aria restaurants. A crepe omlet with 2 chocolate-covered strawberries came out to 38.
on Tue Dec 31 2019
There is a 24-hour shop at the casino floor. It has a long line. My husband and I shared two pastries. The chocolate croissant was larger than my fist, with lots of buttery layers inside. The palmier was equally large and as crisp and buttery as an actual palmier. I didn't make it there in time to confirm.
on Mon Sep 23 2019
It is open 24 hours and can be used as a substitute for Starbucks. However, it costs more than Starbucks for breakfast and sandwiches.
on Wed May 22 2019
There are many options and a lot of them. The breakfast sandwich with onion jam was delicious.
on Wed Feb 20 2019
It's a great place to have breakfast or lunch. But, I just discovered that many similar restaurants in Vegas offer the same delicious looking desserts. This tells me it isn't a unique thing to Vegas but is more of an ongoing supplier to everyone.
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