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Apex Social Club Las Vegas reviews

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on Thu Mar 02 2023
It's not cheap, but it offers amazing views and delicious food. It was an incredible experience.
on Sun Feb 26 2023
Fun night with my friends birthday celebration. We got a crystal ball drink that was very yummy . The view of Vegas was amazing Will definitely return and recommend to friends!
on Sat Feb 25 2023
Great views and a great time has. Pretty reasonable drink prices by Vegas standards
on Mon Feb 20 2023
Went here on a Saturday night and this place was nothing special. There is nowhere to sit unless you re willing to shell out $600 to get a reserved area. I guess the highlight is the sight outside on the patio which has amazing views. Well it was closed for repairs so really it just a small space with loud music and no one around. My brother said n... see more
on Mon Feb 20 2023
Three stars for the view I was expecting more. The bartender didn't have a great evening, but I worked costumer service so he didn't get a tip. He also doesn't know what good costumer services is.
on Wed Feb 08 2023
Ghostbar had been a monopoly on the market and was not caring about how people treated them. I was one among 25 people in the bar at the time. I ordered a double Jack and Coke, 2 vodka drinks and 2 coke options. I wasn't happy with the taste so I returned to him. He said it tasted like diet. I didn't know what to do so I just drank it. I won't be b... see more
on Sat Feb 04 2023
Amazing view from the patio. Go past the registration desk of the hotel to locate the private elevator
on Sun Jan 29 2023
It was clean, and staff were attentive.
on Thu Jan 26 2023
Las Vegas Skyline is beautiful and offers great entertainment
on Sun Jan 22 2023
It is my absolute favorite spot in Vegas. I had my 40th Birthday party there.
on Sat Jan 07 2023
It's great to see you back! This is the spot where I started my career. The Club Moon Rain Ghost bar Spectacular views and a fantastic vibe are what make this place special.
on Tue Mar 08 2022
It was a wonderful place to hang out with friends.
on Tue Nov 26 2019
Beautiful view over the entire city. A pleasant environment and excellent customer service make this a great place for fun.
on Wed Jun 26 2019
Sydney, my favourite little spot with great views and cool scene is where I am most comfortable. I'm 1500 miles from Vegas, but they treat me like I'm a local every time I visit.
on Tue May 07 2019
After spending 4 hours at the club, we enjoyed a great night here. We had a great table in the middle of the restaurant. The drinks were great and the service excellent.
on Tue Mar 05 2019
It was elegant and a nice atmosphere. We were having a company event. The location was perfect. The views are amazing, and the staff was exceptional.
on Fri Sep 14 2018
The outside area of this venue is quite far from Las Vegas Strip. However, it does offer a spectacular view of Las Vegas from an entirely different angle. I enjoyed the experience and found the staff friendly.
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