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Anytime Fitness Desert Inn Las Vegas reviews

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on Wed Jan 25 2023
Equipment in the gym has a 4/5 rating. Some decisions, especially regarding deadlift platforms, are extremely questionable. The use of a plastic step to bridge the gap between racks is dangerous. I have stopped going to the gym because at 8pm every night there's someone screaming at their ears to lift weights properly or to smash the equipment. Man... see more
on Mon Dec 19 2022
Edit: I don t know what went wrong, but Joy and JJ have not been there under new management. Hours aren't posted correctly. It is unfortunate because this is my favorite place in Vegas. The gym is clean and spacious with two deadlifting platforms. There are also well-maintained showers. This makes it a great spot for anyone who is constantly moving... see more
on Sun Dec 04 2022
Great place to work out and get fit.
on Fri Dec 02 2022
Fans always on? This is too hot! Please turn them on
on Tue Nov 22 2022
The facility is clean, spacious and always clean. There is plenty of parking and members act respectfully and politely to one another.
on Sat Nov 19 2022
For the past four years, I have been coming to the gym nearly every day and being an AF member since 2006. It is spacious and rarely crowded. The equipment is excellent.
on Sat Nov 19 2022
It is a very clean gym. I was given my week free and the customers treated me extremely rudely. I attempted to reach the office, but they never responded. I visited the gym all week. There wasn't anyone to assist.
on Wed Nov 09 2022
Great gym just joined
on Sun Oct 30 2022
Superb neighborhood gym with great cardio, weight lifting and super clean.
on Thu Oct 20 2022
You will not be able to cancel your membership even if you give notice before the contract ends. I joined in Las Vegas, but now I live in another state. My home club says that my Vegas membership cannot be cancelled. I tried to cancel my membership for over a month but they wouldn't let me cancel. I think this sounds like leaving a gang/mob.
on Wed Sep 28 2022
This is my second review. I have been going to this gym for several years and I love it. The staff are amazing and I will always respect them and their owners.
on Thu Sep 01 2022
My husband and I were searching for somewhere to exercise. When we said that we wanted to join a gym, Joy (her name) was very rude and asked me if she was looking to teach classes.
on Thu Sep 01 2022
My husband and I were trying to register for a gym. We were called by joy. She was rude and unprofessional when we tried to get in touch. When I said that we wanted to find a place to exercise and she offered a membership, she demanded if we would be willing to teach classes. I don t know how the membership went missing in translation. I wouldn t r... see more
on Mon May 02 2022
This gym was very close to my home. It is small, but the trainers were friendly and helpful. The gym also has a 24 hour open so it's convenient for those with busy schedules.
on Thu Apr 14 2022
Anytime Fitness has a fantastic gym. I had to stop my membership due to exhaustion during my pregnancy. Joy helped me to make it work.
on Tue Mar 08 2022
Great gym, great trainers. The staff are friendly and helpful.
on Tue Mar 01 2022
Excellent gym, with modern equipment. It is clean and well-maintained. The trainers and managers are very friendly and helpful.
on Mon Feb 28 2022
The location smelled like a men's locker room. I entered and was immediately hit by the unpleasant smell. I didn't have a mask, and as I left I saw that my legs were covered with white pet hair. I also noticed the wipes had all disappeared.
on Mon Feb 28 2022
It is clean and tidy, Joy, the owner of the gym is very kind and responds quickly to my questions regarding my account. I also love that it is only 2 minutes from my home. The lot is well lit for people who like to exercise at night. This is a big plus.
on Tue Feb 08 2022
Clean, comfortable gym. Responsive staff. Access to the equipment is very rare.
on Thu Mar 04 2021
It is important that trainers remind their students to use masks, and keep their distance from others during early mornings before they are staffed. Otherwise it can be a very enjoyable gym.
on Tue Dec 31 2019
Excellent gym. The staff is attentive and can help you to find the right equipment for your goals.
on Wed Nov 27 2019
Sierra and Chris, who are fantastic at running the gyms, have a smaller footprint.
on Fri Aug 31 2018
Although I haven t been here for a while, I really enjoy going to the gym. There are usually 5 or 6 people working out at once and I don't need to wait to get any equipment. The music is also annoying.
on Sat Jul 07 2018
I love this gym. Never packed it and the staff are outgoing and friendly to members. There have been no complaints from me. The equipment seems brand new. Signed up via Steve. Really pleased with my membership.
on Sat Jun 30 2018
Excellent location, safe and clean. It is located on the west side of Desert Inn. I love that members must use their key fobs to enter and that sensors and cameras are installed to ensure that no one is tailgating. Tania is my personal trainer and has an extremely flexible schedule. Another thing that I love is the way the staff does not pressure m... see more
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