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American Coney Island Las Vegas Las Vegas reviews

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on Sun Mar 05 2023
My wife refused to eat the hot dog because it was so chewy. It was a complete disappointment.
on Wed Mar 01 2023
on Mon Feb 27 2023
It's perfect for when you have to grab quick food quickly, like when you forget to eat while you're in Vegas. The service was fast and the chili cheese fries were delicious. This is easily accessible from Fremont Street or The D Hotel.
on Sun Feb 26 2023
Metro Detroit is our home and we love the local food. This is a great place to grab a quick bite for reasonable prices. It is small, however.
on Thu Feb 23 2023
Visited 2 23 2023This is a excellent quick little place to grab a great Chili Dog and some very tasty fries Accessible from Fremont Street Experience or inside The D Casino Service was quick and food was very good Will definitely stop by again and they are open 24 Hours Give it a try
on Mon Feb 20 2023
Like a slice of Detroit on Freemont Street
on Mon Feb 20 2023
It was not a big deal to me and I got sick afterwards
on Mon Feb 20 2023
You can get a Detroit-style coney dog at this place. It is more expensive than back home, but what should you expect from it when it's in Las Vegas?
on Mon Feb 20 2023
Hotdogs with a bad taste and rude staff
on Sun Feb 19 2023
on Wed Feb 15 2023
This place brought me back to Michigan from my native Michigan. It is located on Freemont Street in the D Hotel & Casino
on Mon Feb 13 2023
Amazing Chili and Fries
on Sun Feb 12 2023
If you are looking for authentic Detroit Coney, but don't have the funds to buy Lafayette or Duly's, an American can do.
on Sat Feb 11 2023
They were good, but I had to wait while they ordered. Then they proceeded to place 2 of my 3 orders incorrectly. It was very expensive considering how poor the food and the terrible service.
on Wed Feb 08 2023
This was one of the most disgusting hot dog Coneys I have ever eaten. The hot dog was on a flat grid, but the chili tasted bland. The french fries were delicious. I gave the Coney dog a 2 star rating because they were great and I didn't take any photos.
on Sat Feb 04 2023
The absolute worst hot dog on earth. We inquired if any of the employees had ever visited Coney Island. They quickly replied that they didn't.
on Thu Jan 26 2023
Five dollars for a Chili dog in a crispy dog casing. I would order it again if it was too good. Fries freeze well, but the cheese tastes bland.
on Sun Jan 22 2023
The best coney you've ever had: Coney with mustard, hot dogs and loose meat cheese
on Sat Jan 21 2023
Ordered food. It became apparent that the employee wasn t Wang yo work as he made side remarks to each customer while he waited.
on Fri Jan 20 2023
Vegas Baby Fremont Street was visiting and I was hungry so I immediately went to Coney Island. This place is located in Detroit, MI but it also has a location in Vegas. The Coney Island dog was delicious and cheap.
on Sun Jan 15 2023
Excellent location at the D Casino with Fremont entrance or within the casino. The hot dogs are only $5, but the place is small and open all day.
on Mon Nov 28 2022
I returned from a long day and was hungry so I looked at their menu. I ordered chili cheese fries and was greeted by friendly staff. I also noticed that the containers were small and that there was not much chili. I also hoped that there would be more. I wasn't too tired to return downstairs and show the cashier. I only gave 1 star as the prices we... see more
on Sun Nov 06 2022
ACI is a quick stop to grab a bite to eat. There are always people in line, but they forget to put the chili on the chili dogs. The place doesn t look very neat but I don t think anyone can expect it to stay that way. ACI is located outside of the D
on Wed Nov 02 2022
While visiting Fremont St, I stopped by this place for lunch and ordered the Gyro. The staff were friendly and clean inside. However the gyro was not my favorite. I also didn't like the sauce that they put on top of the meat. It tasted more like cream and there was no cucumber inside.
on Sun Jul 17 2022
Two times we have been here. Excellent late-night food. The staff was helpful and clean. When you bite into the dogs, they snap very well. Vegas has very reasonable prices.
on Thu Apr 07 2022
No. No. It was disgusting. It was beyond gross. We both ate the food. The hot dogs were prepared in advance, and then left to cool so that the skin would pop and crackle as you chewed. Instead of being sliced from the skewer, the gyro meat had to be cut and placed on the counter. The meat was dry and cold. Fries...cold, chewy. We were not able to f... see more
on Wed Feb 16 2022
Fast food in America, but lots of options
on Sun Nov 14 2021
The staff at fast service are a bit rushed. Even though the cashier was not trained to deal with the pub crawl offer, the manager intervened. Even though the dog was delicious, they just had to put...a fresh stack of hotdogs on their table when we arrived. Mine was still warm but it wasn't what I would consider cooked. They are under Fremont's D es... see more
on Sun Nov 07 2021
This is where we stayed our first night in Vegas. It was very quick and simple. It was delicious! This was fantastic! It would be nice if they could list the contents. It was difficult to tell our dogs apart. Staff were very nice. They were able to handle the stress .... It was very busy. But they managed to handle the pressure.
on Tue Aug 31 2021
The best Coney Island in Detroit! Great prices and excellent customer service, available 24 hours a day. It is worth a visit to Las Vegas as it is packed every day.
on Wed Apr 28 2021
This is where we stopped a few times throughout our trip. Good Stuff!! When we return to town, we will be back!
on Tue Mar 16 2021
Chili cheese dog ..... Great... A little too salty on the chili, but still great. It was almost as good as what I remembered.
on Thu Mar 04 2021
There is finally some midwestern cuisine in Vegas. It was incredible to find this authentic taste of Detroit in Vegas, as I am a Detroiter. They were delicious, had the right recipe for chili, mustard and tasty onions. The simplicity of this recipe may seem a bit simple to some west coasters, however it is worth the effort. There are few things bet... see more
on Tue Feb 16 2021
You can walk up to the counter. There are a few tables that you can eat at. Quick. Easy. A good dog ...., but not a great one.
on Thu Nov 12 2020
We were hoping for better. They aren't terrible but they lack flavor and size.
on Mon Aug 03 2020
Good service, but the food was terrible. It made me feel sick for almost the whole night
on Mon Jul 27 2020
Fremont Street's best place to go after a long night drinking
on Thu Jun 25 2020
Although hotdogs are delicious, I recommend that you add some toppings to your fries.
on Fri Jan 03 2020
American Coney Island hot dogs are delicious and simple. Portions can also be small, so order some. The place was not large enough to have seating but it was clean.
on Wed Nov 27 2019
They are always friendly and helpful.
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