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Las Vegas tattoo locations and places

Las Vegas Tattoo

What is a Tattoo?

A tattoo is a type of body alteration where an outline or design is made by embeddings ink, colors and shades, either permanent or temporarily, into the dermis layer of the skin to change the color.

Where does Tattoo Originate from?

The word tattoo is believed to have started from the Samoan word "tatau." When the Samoan Islands were first observed by Europeans in 1722 three Dutch boats instructed by Jacob Roggeveen went to the eastern island known as Manua.

Five Types of Tattoos

  • Traumatic tattoos, likewise called "natural tattoos", that outcome from wounds, particularly black-top from street wounds or pencil lead;
  • Amature tattoos and professional tattoos, both by means of customary techniques and present day tattoo machines
  • Corrective tattoos, otherwise called "permanent makeup
  • Medical tattoos

Top 10 Vegas Tattoo Shops

  • Bluenote Tattoo
  • Downtown Tattoo
  • Studio 21 Tattoo Gallery
  • Club Tattoo
  • Illuminati Tattoo
  • Broken Dagger Tattoo Parlor
  • Revolt Tattoos
  • Skin Design Tattoo
  • West Coast Tattoo Parlor
  • Ironhorse Tattoos Piercings