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Las Vegas smoke, vape and hookah shops

Las Vegas Smoke/Vape/Hookah Shops

Best Las Vegas Vape, Hookah & Smoking Shop

The best hookah, vape and smoking shop in Las Vegas is also the newest one: The Viper Room, a cozy new lounge with dark leather couches, vintage red wallpaper, an indoor garden and some of the most extensive access to hookahs, vapes and other smoking paraphernalia we’ve seen anywhere. As you walk in, there’s a small front desk that services guests as a sort of concierge. While this may seem like an odd setup for a hookah lounge, it makes sense given that many hotels don’t allow guests to smoke inside their rooms or even keep their windows open while they smoke. The Viper Room solves this problem by providing all of its users with lockers so they can store their belongings there while they use the hookah lounge. This means you can browse the menus on offer, order your drink or food from an iPad kiosk and then head downstairs to choose from several different types of hookahs. Armed with that knowledge, here are our top 5 picks for the best places to smoke in Las Vegas – not only because of their unique ambience but also because of their variety of options for those who prefer vaping over smoking tobacco.

Las Vegas Vape Shops

Vapor lounges are where you’ll find e-cigarettes and vapes, which come in all shapes and varieties: from the tiny stealth vape pens to larger desktop vapes. Vapor shops are a particularly popular type of smoking lounges in Las Vegas because they tend to offer a much wider variety of selection than traditional smoking lounges – and they also tend to be less expensive.

Las Vegas Vapes

Smoke-free and healthier than cigarettes, vaping is becoming more and more popular. Vape lounges are usually filled with customers vaping oils, shisha or dry herbs. Vaping is a more social experience that smoking thanks to the ability to try different flavors and socialize with others. Popular herbs for making vape oils include cannabis and tobacco, while shisha is what’s used in hookahs.

Las Vegas Hookah Lounge

Hookah lounges are a traditional way to smoke tobacco, and many modern lounges offer a variety of fruit-based tobacco blends and sometimes even other herbs. Some lounges also offer food, alcohol and an overall social experience. An authentic hookah lounge is a laid-back place to kick back and chill out with friends.

Best Hookah Lounge Las Vegas Strip

This swanky lounge is located within the famous Bellagio Hotel, offering a peaceful elevated setting with plenty of places to sit, relax, converse and enjoy your hookah. Vegas locations for this lounge are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and the one inside the Bellagio opens at 9:00 a.m. daily. Shisha flavors include mint, strawberry, grape, watermelon, orange, lemon, banana, grapefruit, blueberry, pomegranate, coconut, cherry, apple and peach. Prices vary depending what tobacco blend you choose, with a small serving (one flavor per person) costing $12.95 and a large serving (two flavors per person) going for $24.95.

Las Vegas Smoking Lounge

Like many other lounges in the city, this one provides a private and comfortable spot for guests to kick back and relax. The main attraction at this lounge is the menu: not only does it offer a wide variety of cigars, but it also has the most extensive selection of hookahs in all of Las Vegas. Guests can also sip on a variety of beers and cocktails while they enjoy their hookah at this lounge – which is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Las Vegas Smoking Rooms

Smoking rooms are usually found at hotels, and these are a great choice for the non-smoker who travels with a smoker. Smoking rooms are also a good option for smokers who want a break from being around smoke but don’t want to be isolated in their hotel room. Smoking rooms are often found at cheap hotels, but you can also find them at more expensive hotels. The amenities vary from smoking room to smoking room, but you can expect to find basic comforts like a desk, a chair, a telephone and a television.