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Las Vegas hot dogs restaurants and food

Las Vegas Hot Dogs

What is a Hot dog?
A hot dog or hot dogs otherwise called a frankfurter, dog, or wiener, is a cooked sausage, customarily flame-broiled or steamed and served in a bun.  It is a type of sausage sandwich.  This kind of sausage was socially transported in from Germany and popularized in the United States, where it turned into an average workers food sold at sausage stands and trucks.  The sausage turned out to be nearly connected with baseball and American culture.

How Did They Get the Name Hot dogs?
Tad Dorgan went to watch a polo match in New York in 1901 where merchants roamed the aisles begging supporters to "get your super hot dachshund frankfurters." Enchanted, Dorgan drew a grinning dachshund settled in a long bun, yet couldn't spell dachshund, so he subtitled it "hot dog!" and therefore the food got its name.
Las Vegas Hot dogs
Sausage or Hot dogs are one simple delight of our everyday life. Keep them simple with ketchup for the children or go over-the-top extravagant for us to enjoy this food. Las Vegas has his fair share of sausage from Chicago, Detroit, and even Los Angeles. 

See the rundown beneath for the most popular hot dog places in Las Vegas:

Buldogis Gourmet Hot Dogs
American Coney Island
Cheffini's Hot Dogs
Dirt Dog
Dog Haus
Dude Where's My Hot Dog?
Great Links Brewhouse & Grill
Fernandez Hot Dogs
Haute Doggery
Little Richies Chicago Style Beef & Dogs