Las Vegas ReLeaf

Las Vegas ReLeaf is a premiere recreational marijuana and medical marijuana dispensary. Visit us near the Las Vegas Strip today!


Las Vegas ReLeaf is a legally approved medical and recreational marijuana dispensary in the city of Las Vegas, NV. We provide a convenient way for medical marijuanapatients and adult use consumers to receive their MMJ medication legally and affordably. Patients can visit us at our marijuana dispensary or order online from our marijuana website and get their MMJ medication delivered to their door. Las Vegas ReLeaf is dedicated to helping medical cannabis patients and recreational marijuana consumers get the medicine and “releaf” they need while providing them with the respect and care they deserve in a world class Las Vegas cannabis dispensary.


- lane swanner

*UPDATED* I have gone back in and had a productive conversation with all parties involved. I feel that they have made a true attempt to make things right, and I appreciate that. *** I used to love this place. It was the only dispensary I've gone to in the year and a half I've lived in Vegas. They treated me (and my service dog Margo) great. Then they hired someone who doesn't really know how to speak to customers as customers, and instead talks/treats them as less than human! SO EMBARRASSING TO HAVE A DOOR YANKED OUT OF YOUR HAND AND TOLD "YOU CAN'T COME IN HERE!" TWO MINUTES BEFORE 9am. I CAN'T EVEN THINK ABOUT GOING BACK IN THERE WITHOUT FEELING HUMILIATED AT THE WAY I WAS TREATED. HALF-ASSED APOLOGIES WERE EVENTUALLY GIVEN AFTER I TOLD THE OWNER I WOULD NEVER RETURN. BUT IT SEEMED LIKE IT WAS ONLY TO KEEP MY MONEY COMING IN, NOT BECAUSE IT WAS TRULY MEANT! FEELING BETRAYED BY A BUSINESS I HAD TRUSTED!

- Terrie Lively

Nice selection, prices about average. I Did not get my points twice adding to about 200, yes they put my phone number in. When I called and discussed the matter, I was told I would get a call back, and I never did. In person, staff is great, over the phone... not so helpful. Great costumer service goes a long way.

- Roland 0311

Good place to start and begin your vacation. All the places are very expensive for recreational. But, have fun and be safe. Those edibles will sneak up on you.

- Jacob Wilder

Awesome place super welcoming and really polite. I went to another place and it was not at all great Releaf was our second option and man... I wish they were our First choice! Kyle was the one that helped us and he was super cool and explained everything on point to us. I will absolutely come back again. The best part was after he hooked us up on some FIRE weed(Pineapple Express) he tossed us a free pre-rolled (sour patch kids). 1000% Awesome place 10-stars!!!

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