What is a Sandwich?
A sandwich or sandwiches is a food ordinarily comprising of vegetables, slice cheddar/cheese or meat, place between cuts of bread, wherein at least two bits of bread fill in as a container or wrapper for another food type. The sandwich started as a convenient finger sustenance in the Western world, however, after some time, it has turned out to be common around the world.
How was Sandwich Discovered?
The sandwich is invented by John Montagu, fourth Earl of Sandwich. He lived from 1718 to 1792.  He was the First Lord of the Admiralty.  Captain James Cook found a group of islands in the Pacific and named them after him. The Sandwich Islands have a place with Hawaii today.
See the List of the Best Sandwiches in Las Vegas

Bao at Fat Choy
Banh Mi at Dakao Sandwiches
Cheese Steaks at Pop’s
Breakfast Sandwich at Baguette Cafe
Club Sandwich at Grand Lux Cafe
Croque Monsieur at Payard Pâtisserie & Bistro
Cuban Sandwich at Cuba Cafe
DWBLT at Eat
Fried Oyster Po’ Boy at Lola’s – A Louisiana Kitchen
Lobster Roll at Lobster ME

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