What is a Donut?

A Donut or doughnut is a kind of fried sweet dessert food.  The donut is prevalent in popular in many countries and arranged in different structures as a sweet snack that can be custom made or bought in bakeries, general stores, and food stalls.

Two Types of Donut

  • Ring Donut
  • Filled Donut – which is injected by filling such as cream, chocolates, strawberries, custard or any other fillings.

Who Invented the First Donut Machine?

Adolph Levitt is responsible for inventing the first automated donut machine in 1920.  He is a Jewish refugee from czarist Russian.  The machine is been called as “Hit Food of the Century of Progress” at the 1934 Chicago World’s Fair.

Who Invented the Donut Hole?

Hanson Crockett Gregory was a 16-year-old sailor who invented the donut hole.

Best Donut Shop in Las Vegas

  • Pink Box
  • Crunch Donut Factory
  • Donut Bar
  • Ronald’s Donuts
  • Las Vegas Donut House
  • The Dapper Doughnut
  • Real Donuts
  • America Donuts

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